Zapper – an easy way to make money from your clutter

An easy way to make money from your clutter

Zapper makes selling your books, CDs, DVDs and games really simple. They also take your unwanted mobiles and electronics to make decluttering your home easy!



Time to declutter

After New Year I am always ready for a declutter, I think its all the decorations, followed by all the people and all the presents that just make my home feel SO cluttered at Christmas. Come the New Year I am all about peace and order and simplicity.

A clean sweep.

With a whole host of new DVDS and CD’s to find homes for, old DS’s and phones to get rid of and book shelves to make room on, a post Christmas declutter is always needed. But just grabbing a bin liner and shunting them off to the local charity shop is not the only option.

For those of us who are pretty skint after Christmas Zapper is a great way to recoup the losses by enabling you to make some money out of your no longer wanted possessions.


How to use Zapper

All you have to do is click on one of the tabs at the top of the Zapper website to specify which products you wish to sell.

For books, CDs, DVDs and games you just simply enter the barcode listed on the product;

For electronics and mobiles you simply input make, model and condition.

They will then give you an instant valuation for your item. You just eep filling up your basket with a mixture of media and electronics until it has a value of over £10.


How much does it cost to use Zapper?

Zapper  is completely free to use. When you are ready to post your items you can print out FREEPOST shipping labels and simply take to your local COLLECT centre (there are over 5k in the UK so there will  be one near you I’m sure) .

Once your items are received and checked you get paid.

You can choose to receive your cash either as a cheque or paid via PayPal


Suddenly decluttering got much more interesting.


How very cool and how super simple is that!




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