Making room for sleepovers

Guest Post – Making room for sleepovers

Having children eventually means having their friends over to stay.

Sleepovers have become the ‘must do’ event of any youngster’s social life, but it’s not easy to find the room for more than one of them. Especially if it means the smallest room in the house needs to be more ‘accommodating’.


Making room for sleepovers

Firstly, it pays to take visitors into consideration when updating a youngster’s bedroom. When it’s time to look for a new bed (the one that will last them well into their teens), look for something that will be practical and useful as well as ensuring the bed itself is strong and the mattress is comfortable!


Making room for sleepovers – High sleeper beds

High sleeper beds are also a good way to make the most of the space in a child’s bedroom. These beds are similar in design to a bunk bed, but without the bottom bed. This gives space under the bed to house drawers, storage boxes or even more practically a sofa bed. This can then be used as a spare guest bed or as a spare sofa during social occasions. These beds are brilliant for smaller bedrooms as the bed itself is taking up no space at all!


Making room for sleepovers -Divan beds

Divan beds are a durable and excellent choice for those looking to purchase a bed that stands the test of time. Many have integrated storage space, often with drawers in the base of the bed or have the storage space underneath the mattress. These are known as an Ottoman style beds. Although this bed style doesn’t offer extra sleeping space for little guests, the fact that you have room to store all sorts of toys, clothes and linen can leave some extra room to put up a small camp bed or single futon style guest bed. The futon style bed being an excellent choice due to it being able to be folded back into a useful small sofa or chair easily.

Making room for sleepovers


Making room for sleepovers – bunk beds

The good old bunk bed is another option for children. As the child reaches their teens this may be seen as a bit too ‘babyish’ with a more grown up bed being asked for, so think ahead a few years when buying a bunk bed. A decent and sturdy frame can last up to ten years and a quality mattress should retain its support and comfort for many years too.

Some key points to take into consideration with the new bed purchase are the child’s age and how soon the bed will need replacing, compared to how soon the child will ‘want’ it replacing! Remember a novelty child’s bed for an eight year old, in two years time will need replacing with something cooler and in keeping with the advancing teen years!

Should there be other guests staying overnight, their comfort must be taken into consideration. Would Grandma be comfortable sleeping on the bottom bunk? A more neutral guest bed that fits underneath a high-sleeper bed is an option worth considering.

With a wide range of beds, mattresses and frames available, the Sleepeezee brand available at Bedstar Direct will meet many of the requirements a busy family and social-life demands. Shop wisely and everyone will get a good night sleep!

Making room for sleepovers is just part and parcel of your kid growing up!  You might also like my post on Anyone for a sleepover?


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