Making Your Garden a Magical Oasis on a Budget

Garden renovations are often overlooked, mainly due to time and cost restraints. However, upcycling your garden, no matter how big or small, is definitely worth doing. And this is the perfect time of year to start thinking about it so things can be finalised in time for spring!

Being able to relax in a beautiful outdoor haven is ideal for most couples and families, especially for hosting summer gatherings. So, here is how to create the perfect, kid-friendly outdoor space without breaking the bank:


Oasis on a Budget



Many high-end patios have the luxury of an expensive fire pit or pricey lighting installations, yet you can still create this warming ambience without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

We recommend stringing outdoor lights along your fencing to enhance a magical aura, that will be especially cosy at nighttime. If you have any parts of your garden that are undercover or indoors, using fairy lights has a wonderful impact here too.



For the perfect outdoor space, having gorgeous furniture of course makes a huge difference. However, these pieces are often very expensive and might not get used all year round due to the unpredictability of British weather…

Why not try upcycling your garden furniture? There are many ways to do this, depending on what material they are. For example, if your outdoor chairs are made of wood, you can either enhance their natural hue with furniture oils or experiment with different colours such as blues and pinks to brighten things up. This will also make the task more exciting for your little ones!

Another way to improve the appearance of your outside area is by using soft furnishings. Thick blankets and big outdoor cushions not only make things look cosier, but these simple additions also improve comfort for you, your children and your guests.



Not all gardens have the privilege of natural green spaces but don’t worry, as there are still ways to bring flowers and foliage to your garden. Our favourite way to do this is through the use of planters. Hang planters over your windowsills or arrange them around your seating areas.

You can also grow vines that encompass your patio space with nature, making the area seem fresh and new. The combination of wood and green is also very visually appealing and is therefore a timeless style.



Although most home and garden renovations seem like they must have cost an arm and a leg, there are budget-friendly ways to improve your house.

Consider these small, inexpensive upgrades to create a cosy and scenic outdoor space that is ideal for you and your family to make long-lasting memories together.


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