The many uses for 3M Post-it Notes

uses for post it notes

There are so many uses for 3M Post-it notes.

I love 3M Post-it notes they are just so practical and so useful. Here you can see I have attached a post it to my calendar informing me I need to transfer some dates on that. I am so forgetful and just having this little reminder will keep me on track. Love how my colours coordinate!

I was sent a whole batch of coloured 3M Post-its to review and i just love the myriad of colours. I often use them as reminders. You can see this little reminder on my keyboard to purchase new printer ink next time I go online. Do you like how I used an ink coloured post it!

printer ink post it


I always write my to do lists on 3M Post-its and attach them to the computer so I keep focused.  I used yellow as it was  bright, stands out and attracts my attention.




Sometimes Jonny and I leave each other little notes of affection or of  jobs to do! Sometimes they are very sweet like with this one…. just a small thing but makes the day so much nice to get a little note from a loved one on rose pink 3M Post-it. with a heart too. Ahhh. Made my morning


Aren’t the colours lovely?

Stationery is one of my passions in life and the simple 3M Post- is a genius invention. Small, efficient and so useful just the perfect piece of kit.  I have used them for years but all these colours are new to me and I think they are brilliant. I’ll be popping some in a few Christmas stockings.

Another thing I always do with 3M Post-it notes is jot down phone messages and attach them to the phone so I don’t forget. Or if I have calls I need to make I jot down who they are.

phone post it


(had to peel this off the phone to show you as my camera is on my phone – I have now stuck it back on so I don’t forget to make those calls! !)

So many uses and so easy to peel them off their block and stick them on to a fridge, a can of beans, a desk, inside my children’s lunch boxes. That is one of my favourite things to do actually I love to write hello or a joke or I love you and pop it into the children’s lunch bags a little surprise for them whilst they are a t school. Mind you I have stopped doing it to my son.  He is 9 now and would be REALLY embarrassed. Ha ha! I might leave one on his footie boots though telling him to clean them! 3M Post-it Notes are ideal for adding a splash of colour to your messages and reminders. With such a big palette of shades on offer, there’s sure to be a hue to match your message… and brighten up your desk space too!

To find out more about 3M Post-its you can head over to their facebook page




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