Marvellous Marks and Sparks

I remember being 18 and over in Jerusalem. I had been travelling after staying on a kibbutz and money was low, the plane home was still a few weeks away and I missed my family dreadfully.  All of a sudden I saw it and it made me smile. Good old Marks and Sparks, a good old solid institution and a lovely reminder of home was there on the streets of Jerusalem. It feels very British somehow doesn’t it Marks and Spencers.

We have a food Marks and Spencers near us and I love to pop in and buy one cup coffee filters from here and these AMAZING vegetarian sweets that they do. I sometimes treat myself to a little individual salad and the dine in for 2 for £10 is a firm favourite of ours.

I love their flowers they seem to always have peonies and orchids and big bold sunflowers all of which I adore.

Online I found to my surprise they pretty much sell anything you need and at good value prices too. (They even sell phones!)


Cotton Rich Low Rise Spotted Shorts2 Pack - Angel Cotton Rich Underwired Bras                                    Girls7 Pairs of Freshfeet Cotton Rich Stripe Socks with Silver Technology


It would of course make sense for me to check to see if any Marks and Spencer Voucher Codes  are available before I do my shop. One of the first places I always go to to look for voucher codes is MyVoucherCodes  as they have a huge array of useful, updated codes.

Try and not forget to do this when you are about to shop online. 10% or even more off is not to be sniffed at particularly if you have a long list of shopping that needs doing like me and you want to spend as little as  possible.

Voucher codes are a brilliant resource for any budget shopper, its just usually a click through to get your discount. Do get the voucher code habit.



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