Mastering the Backyard BBQ: Hints for Hosting an Epic Outdoor Affair

People live for summer. It’s the time kids are off of school, the weather allows for more activity, and people are generally more social. It’s also a time for outdoor gatherings, whether it be at the beach, backyard, or local park. The backyard BBQ allows for more privacy and good times with friends. Here’s how to prepare a backyard bash that will make you the talk of the town.



The Cooker

Backyard BBQ is a catchall term. Technically, a BBQ serves up hot food selections yet cooks may steam, boil, smoke, and grill food depending on tools and preferences of guests. A small hibachi can do well in filling the stomachs of a few guests, but you’ll need something larger if you want to throw an unforgettable bash. A smoker delivers a true BBQ taste but requires more time and patience.


The Entertainment

Besides eating and drinking, guests need to keep occupied and social. Serving up a variety of libations is sure to make people more relaxed. However, be sure there are things to do for those who do not drink as well as kids in attendance. Lawn darts, badminton, volleyball, cornhole, Twister, and other lawn-style games ensure no one is standing around idle. People play music through indoor or outdoor speakers, but it’s more fun and local to ask a neighborhood band to play the party. Perhaps some guests can double as members of the band.


The Invites

Asking guests to RSVP helps gauge how many people will be at the affair. You may have a limit to how many people you can host. Also, you may want to be selective in who you ask. Mailed invites are more discreet. While a Facebook page or Evite is convenient in the tech age, it could make for awkwardness regarding those you may be friendly with but are not those you want to invite.


The Decor

Select a theme for your party which will dictate the decorations. For example, a Hawaiian theme includes grass skirts, tiki torches, luau music, and hula dancing. Alternatively, those who want to make things a bit more preppy could host a white party, usually reserved for venues along the coast or boat harbor. Small details matter, so don’t miss out on opportunities to make an impression with ice sculptures, custom place settings, and themed party favors.


The Kids

Make your event kid friendly or not. It makes a difference and could determine whether some moms and dads can attend. Moreover, determine whether you want the kids to be a part of the adult activities, or decide to keep them occupied so parents can have a better time. Some hosts go as far as hiring babysitters in addition to renting gym or inflatable equipment.


The Furniture

You don’t want people standing around, especially when eating. Seating is incredibly important and often overlooked. A good host has enough comfortable seating for guests and assembles furniture in such a way as to invite socialization, nature watching, etc. Find quality and comfortable garden furniture at Bridgman.


The Food

As discussed, the mention of a barbecue insinuates smoked meats but it’s likely some attendants could be vegetarians or desire other foods. A variety of cold foods makes it less likely guests will feel overheated. It’s odd that summer festivities often involve hot foods since cold foods and beverages compensate for higher temperatures and humidity. A range of salads as well as a variety of sushi rolls are cold, light on the stomach, and appropriate for an outdoor gathering.


The Neighbours

It’s classy and appropriate to first invite your neighbors if you’re friendly with them. In the very least, tell your neighbors about your upcoming party. That way, they are not taken by surprise when they hear noises, see cars parked in front of their home, etc. Also, it gives them the chance to make plans to get out of the house if noise will bother them and they do not want to attend. In a bad scenario, you could otherwise receive a noise complaint and get a visit by the local authorities if a bitter or disturbed neighbor is annoyed by the outdoor affair.


The Pyrotechnics

Fireworks add excitement to a backyard bash. However, be aware of local laws and be sure all younger attendants are out of harm’s way. Get familiar with safe ways to light off fireworks in your backyard. Also, keep all fireworks away from kids until you’re ready for the display.


Abigail Stephenson loves to entertain guests all year long. Always on the search for the latest tips and trends, she enjoys posting them on a variety of home and lifestyle websites.



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