Me and My World: Play and learning kits for 3-11 year olds

Me and My World sell the most gorgeous activities and role playing sets for kids.

They have over 30 fun role play and reading activity packs  developed to aid creative learning in 3-11 year old. We had the absolute pleasure of receiving one of these activity packs to explore.

My daughter is very sure that when she grows up she wants to be an artist or an arts and crafts teacher. So we plumped or the when i grow up I want to be an artist pack.

Just take a look at the treasures it holds.

i want to be an artist

Isn’t it fabulous. I love that it will give her both the practical tools and the stimulation to work towards and explore her dreams. Lovely quality products and she can really just get stuck in!

The company is based on the belief that imaginative play and creative activities offer  the best opportunity to explore and learn about the world. It certainly makes it much more fun and fun holds attention better than anything! .

I love the idea of these bags what a complete gift and really lovely to harbour and support a young ones dreams. Here are some of my favourite sets…


If it was me thinking about what i would like to be when I grew up well then I would plump for being a writer and I would choose this bag….

What would you choose? You can see the whole range here.

Kits cost from £24.99


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