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metabolism booster tips


With the summer just around the corner and spring in full effect, it’s about time that we start thinking about our health and well-being and how we need more energy.

The best place to start is with our metabolism, as it’s probably the most important aspect when it comes to our health and well-being. It’s been proven time and time again that the better our metabolism is, the more energy we have and the healthier we are.


Metabolism Booster Tips

Here are 6 metabolism booster tips and tricks that you can use to help boost your metabolism and get you started on your journey towards better health.


Metabolism Booster Tips

Drink Green Tea Or Oolong Tea – metabolism booster tips

Green tea and oolong tea help convert a segment of the fat in your body into free unsaturated fats, which may further boost fat loss by an astonishing 10–17%, as unsaturated fats are much easier to be processed and detoxed out of our bodies.!

As they are lower in calories, drinking these teas is also helpful for both fat loss and weight support. It’s commonly known that their metabolic boosting properties may also help neutralize and detox the bad bacteria out of the body, as we start dropping weight and burning more calories. 


Get Off Your Duff to Burn Calories 

Research says that daily stretching can lead to a significant improvement in drowsy digestion and other medical issues. English analysts investigated results from 18 studies that took a look at the daily activity levels of individuals. They found that the most stationary individuals are at a higher risk for creating cardiovascular problems and a much greater risk for diabetes. 

At the workplace, even though you’ll be sitting down for most of the day, try and make it a priority to get up and move around even if it’s just for a few minutes. You can always find an excuse to walk over to you colleagues’ office and have a chat, instead of sending an email. 😉

You can also walk around the office, while on your phone… And while sitting in front of the TV at home, you can get up during commercial breaks to clean the house or simply move around, the more you move the better!


Look into health supplements – metabolism booster tips

Another factor that may be holding your metabolism from operating at the maximum rate and thus burning as much calories per hour as it can, could be due to an imbalance in your gut bacteria.

If you’re a big fan of products that contain gluten (pastries, bread, cereal,…) then you’re at an even higher risk of suffering from an imbalanced gut bacteria – this can cause symptoms like dandruff, dry skin and also weight gain due to a metabolic slow down.

In case that sounds familiar, I’d recommend looking into probiotic supplements, as they work super well at helping restore your gut bacteria and gut balance. You might want to tale a look at one of the  top probiotic for males.

Get quality rest  – Metabolism Booster Tips

Sleep is often associated with different hormonal and metabolic processes in the body and plays a significant role in keeping up metabolic homeostasis (consistent metabolic rate). Research shows that lack of sleep may have significant metabolic and cardiovascular negative effects. Lack of sleep and circadian (body clock) misalignment are commonly associated with metabolic dysregulation, often its main cause. If you feel the need to sleep in, do it when you can! It’ll do your body good! 😉


Metabolism Booster Tips 101 – Drink More Water 

People who drink a greater amount of water instead of sweet refreshments always seem to be in great shape and never have to struggle with shedding of extra weight. This is in light of the fact that sweet refreshments contain calories, so replacing them with water, thus reduces the total number of calories you consume. 

Studies have proven that drinking 17 ounces (0.5 liters) of water increases resting metabolic rate by 10–30% for around an hour. 

Another research study observed that the individuals who drank about a litre of water before their meals lost 44% more weight than the people who didn’t. Drink up! 🙂



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More metabolism booster tips – Jump under a COLD shower

Cold showers are among the best ways to boost up your metabolism and also boost your weight loss journey.

Try implementing cold showers into your daily routine (personally I’d suggest taking them in the morning), turn the water all the way to the cold setting, as cold as it can get and jump under the cold water for a minute.

The cold water will activate the brown fat in your body and because of the cold shock your body will instantly ramp up the metabolic rate and also burn a ton of calories to keep itself warm.

It’s a great metabolism booster trick for losing weight and it’s a great way to wake up, it works even better than a cappuccino. 😉


What metabolism booster tips or tricks do you have to share?


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