Minimal Home Office

Do you have a minimal home office?

So many of us work from home these days fitting out office seamlessly and easily into our interiors is something we need to be able to do. But it can feel overwhleming can’t it. Working from home does not have to meant that your spare room becomes absolutely stuffed with works stuff and that it encroaches onto your daily life. 

There are a host of simple solution to help you riun a minimal home office that has ittle impact on your daily life and feels a calm and ordered place to be,

Let’s take a look. 

Minimal Home Office


Minimal Home Office Hacks 


A filing cabinet

You need a lockable filing cabinet to keep you work papers off surfaces and to keep anything private safe. I work int he corner of my kitchen and the times my kids have put drinks on top of important documents!. Paper work needs filing away asap and protecting.


A shredder

A shredder is a must in a minimal home office.

Not only does a shredder ensure confidentiality it also gets rid of clutter and increases a sense of space – crucial to a minimalist look. Shredding old paperwork is a brilliant way to stop hoarding and importantly when you shred papers less waste is sent to landfill    There are so many perks to shredding.


An air purifying plant

An air purifying plant is a lovely addition. Home offices are usually pretty small and enclosed spaces and it is important to stop them being stuffy. A little air purifying plant such as a aloe vera or a spider plant, will look sweet, take up little space and keep the air clean. 


Freestanding accessories

 A free standing keyboard and mouse are also good options in a minimal office. They can be easily packed away leaving a desk clear to work on in other ways. When you only have a  little space to work from this can be really helpful.


Minimal Home Office


A desk bureau

Do consider a desk bureau that you can simply fold away at the end of the day to wipe away all traces that you work from home.



Plentiful, efficient storage is so helpful and can keep pens and staplers and even your hole punch out of sight for much more streamlined home office look.



Shelving is also really important in a minimalist home office . Use quality, colour co-ordinated files preferably in black or white so they not obtrusive.


Minimal Home Office


Minimalist Art

Simple graphic or line drawn arts adds a lovely touch to a minimal home office and can make it feel more homely. Keeping your art minimal adds to a more streamlined uncluttered look.


Sparkly Windows

Do consider having blinds  ather than curtains in your home office and keep your windows sparkling clean to let lots of lovely natural light in to enhance the sense of space. 


 Use apps

Apps can do everything! Have your to do list on an app rather than a notepad and keep your diary on your PC rather than on your wall. Apps are a minimalists best friend. 


Minimal Home Office


It is totally possible to have a minimal home office that is stylish, ordered and inoffensiveness and that doesn’t encroach too much on to your home. I hope theses minimal home office hacks have been useful to you.


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