Was I Mis-sold a packaged bank account?


Was I mis-sold a packaged bank account? This thought may have never even occurred to you before but it’s a question which many consumers should be asking themselves. Especially if you have ever before or if you currently have to pay a monthly fee to carry your bank account.  Many consumers have finally stood up for themselves and said that they will no longer be taken advantage of.

History: So the whole origination of the question “Was I mis-sold a packaged bank account?” finds its roots in those who have been told that they have to pay a fee to have their bank account. Typically these fees were assessed monthly though your bank may have billed the fees in a different time frame. The bank account themselves isn’t so much where the fees come into play. But many people who were sold these accounts were also told they had to carry some type of insurance. This insurance was basically worthless and completely pointless to their having a bank account with this institution.

Facts: If you have any record of your past arrangements with banks then you should look into those. Whether these were the physical monthly account statements themselves or if you have bank records online that you can still access, either of these types of proofs will do. The big thing to look into was were you billed for some type of insurance when you were paying for your bank accounts? If you were then you may in fact have been violated by these banks. Even if yours was a small local bank the crux of the matter is that many of the high-street banks were the ones pulling the strings from the shadows. Even if yours was a small local independent bank many of the accounts would have been housed at these high-street banks and that may be where the disparity comes in. If you can somehow point back to these facts then you may be able to reclaim hundreds or even thousands of pounds in retribution.

Obligation: The big sticking point to these claims is that banks are obliged to be sure that the insurance you are being sold is relevant and suitable for your needs. If this is not the case then the bank is not acting your good stead. This has been the case for countless consumers and this is why some people are taking action.

Claims: Quantum Refunds wants to speak to those who have been asking the question “Was I mis-sold a packaged bank account?” because they are now fighting for consumers. Quantum Refunds has got the skills and the expertise to sift through the muck and find the truth of what happened. Quantum Refunds has got a whole team of experts who can help you decide whether or not you were indeed victim to the hostile negligence of the banks.  Quantum Refunds also has a whole team who are going to be so helpful for those who want to put together a packaged bank mis-selling claim.

The legal process can be somewhat daunting for those who are unfamiliar with it. Many would just rather let a dead dog lie and take their being ripped off as a lesson for the future. But that is not what the folks over at Quantum Refunds have got to say about the matter. They want everyone who has asked the question, “Was I mis-sold a packaged bank account?” to be able to say with confidence that they got the restitution they deserved.




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