Mobile homes: 4 steps to ensure their maintenance

A mobile home made of wood, full of naturalness and nature, can become not only an irreplaceable place to relax in summer, but also a decoration on your garden plot. Like any other natural material, wood is a good growth medium for rot, powdery mildew and mold, and climate change and increased humidity give these organisms better growth conditions – professional care for wooden mobile homes is simply necessary.

You can ensure this by following 4 essential steps that will help you not to get lost in the course of work, and to perform maintenance in a professional manner.


Mobile homes: 4 steps to ensure their maintenance

How much does mobile home maintenance cost?

It is not difficult to understand that, like the cost of any other work, the cost of maintaining a mobile home depends largely on several essential factors. First of all, perhaps the biggest influence on the price is the size of the mobile home. Second, no less important to the price of the work is what quality tools you decide to choose. You will calculate the final price of the work by deciding whether you will do it yourself or hire professionals to do this work for you. According to common practice, the cost of mobile homes maintenance usually increases by about 50% when working with professionals.

So, to calculate the cost of maintaining the facade of your mobile home, we recommend starting with calculating the area of ​​its external walls. Knowing the exact area of ​​the walls, you can easily calculate the amount of tools needed and the cost of labor.


Step 1: Evaluate the condition of your mobile home

Every spring, before starting work on renovating the wooden facade, a good assessment of the condition of the mobile home should be made. You will perform this work professionally, if you do not limit yourself to the appearance of a mobile home and pay no less attention to the evaluation of its tightness and construction. This will help not only to plan future work, but also to prevent future problems with the mobile home and save on maintenance costs.


Step 2: Wash mobile home facade regularly

Whether you plan to update the color of the mobile home facade, we recommend washing it regularly every spring. The truth is that a regularly maintained mobile home will stay in good condition for longer, so you will spend less on its maintenance and restoration. No special measures are required to wash the facade, so you can use the simplest soap with water. If you plan to paint the facade after washing, keep in mind that this work can only be done when the wood is completely dry.

If already built wooden mobile home is not new and you are preparing to repaint it, it is likely that you will also find stains on the facade – places where the color of the wood has changed significantly. In this case, before washing the facade, we especially recommend to get rid of the latter stains, because later, after covering a mobile home with paint, they can affect the future color. You can easily remove these stains with sandpaper.



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