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I have often thought that being a landlord sounds a great way to make money. You get to make a steady income which is what really appeals to me about this profession (people are always going to need homes and buying i s so often out of reach.) I do  think it looks a bit of a tricky job in some ways though. There are just  so many things to manage and orgainise and so many things you are ultimately responsible for.

I don’t know about you but my organisational skills leave a lot to be desired!

We rented out our home when I was a child and our landlord used to appear with a big scary looking file every once in a while. It was so huge it must have contained the details of all of his clients and his diary was always bulging.

Well times have changed and being ‘organised’ is so much simpler and streamlined these days. We no longer have to drag big files around with us or keep huge cumbersome diaries whatever job we are in. A lap top on its own can do all that. However isn’t it even easier if you can just use your phone or a tablet?

I love a good app!

The new mobile landlord app must be answering the organizational wishes of landlords up and down the country. Firstly because it is so super simple to use. Secondly because being an app you can use it anywhere you like so client information is always to hand…you can manage up to five properties through just the one app. You can schedule in reminders which is really useful and track income, expenses and calculate your return on investment. That’s what its all about after all!

I love simplicity and this is a simple, effective and useful app that is going to make any Landlords job just so much easier.

This phone also stores all contact details such as clients tradespeople etc.  which is great for when you are pout and about and need to make a quick call. I do worry about information stored on phones being lost if the phone is damaged or if it is misplaced or stolen but this app links to a handy cloud function so the information is always safely stored and accessible.

Take a look at this video which sums up what this app can do…clever eh!





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