Money Goals in 2021

Have you been thinking about your money goals in 2021.

This year I have made mine very specific in order to totally define the path I need to take to reach them. I find the more detailed and specific my goals the clearer my focus.

“You must not only aim right, but draw the bow with all your might.

I love the quote form Thoreau urging us to set our eye on our end goal them put massive action behind our aim.

This is what i intend to do in this very ambitious year.

I have 5 specific Money goals in 2021. I will work very hard this year with crystal clear focus to reach them



Money goals in 2021

My money goals for 2021 are very clear, very specific and really streamlined so that i find them achievable. 

Do you do have money goals?


A savings goal

By Christmas 2021 I intend to have saved 20k for my son to go to university. I am currently putting away £1000 per month towards the end. I am not finding this easy and  overspent at Christmas so will need to increase this slightly to reach my target ( actually I need to increase it to to £ 1475) Yikes. That is a lot. But my goal is very important to me so I am going to work very very hard. 


Money goals in 2021


A food budget goal

I spend far far too much on food and we waste it and overeat in our family and neither are good. So this year mmy budget is £30 a wekk ofr each of us for food and I am going to be very clear on meal planning in order to help us stay on a health and financial track. I already have a great budget meal plan in place I just need to do one weekly.

No more take away either – so expensive!




Meet my Money Goals by Stopping Overspending

 I want every month to be easily in credit and never to be transferring money form one account to another because I have overspent. I am going to give myself a spending budget each month and completely stick to it to ease this worry.



Earn (a lot) more

I have a massive earning goal as one of my  money goals in 2021 and I want to triple my earnings form this year where I spent 2 months in hospital with no wages.

My goal is totally focused on my traffic and earnings through my ad network. I have finally got the hang of SEO and I have so much content on my blogs that just needs optimizing I see this as my way forward massively in terms of income and plan to earn from these 3 areas

  • Passive advertising
  • Blogging / copywriting
  • Profit from my books (I have 2 new books being published this year) 
  • Part time therapy practice 

May give up on clothes altogether as part of my money goals! 

Reduce my expenses to meet my money goals

Goodbye gym membership, outsourcing work, take out coffees, goodbye to courses I  really don’t need to take and expensive gifts I cannot afford, new clothes I do not need and skin products well outside my budget  all just designed to try and make me feel better about myself. hello to long walks, free podcasts and surrounding myself with people who make me feel I am good enough without needing to look better or buy their affection. 


There are many reasons I need to earn so well,most of which are deeply private but my intent is strong and I do need to focus on this. So if you see me splashing the cash feel free to yell at me okay! 


I’d love to hear about your money goals in 2021  – you can read more about my frugal resolutions here

money goals


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