Money Saving Tips for Buying Out of Season

The law of supply and demand is one of the most basic principles and is something we all know and understand. Yet how often do we really take it into consideration when we make a purchase? By buying when demand is low, there are some massive savings to be made all around the house – here are six areas in which you should always try to buy out of season.

Money Saving Tips for Buying Out of Season

Central heating oil

With ongoing political uncertainty affecting global oil prices, we all know that the price of petrol, diesel and central heating oil can fluctuate wildly, and when it comes to home heating oil, there are seasonal variations too.

You can make some real savings by ordering a fuel delivery and filling up your oil tank while prices are low in the summer months. Even if it is not empty, it is worth getting a top-up at summer prices.


Household electrical

Surely televisions and refrigerators are not seasonal? The answer is yes – the Japanese financial year ends in March, which means the big name manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Toshiba will be eager to get rid of as much inventory as they can in the early months of the year, to give those all important sales figures a final boost.

New models are typically introduced in May, so you will find retailers offering even bigger discounts on outgoing models to make room on the shop floor for the new range.



There are always bargains to be had when it comes to clothes shopping, if you shop smart. Make sure you buy at the end of the current season for the following year. For example, by February, most stores are clearing out their winter range ready for spring, so that is an ideal time to pick up an overcoat or a pair of winter boots ready for next year.


School Supplies

Before the kids even break up for the summer, the “back to school” advertising campaign gets underway. Ignore the hype, and only buy what is absolutely necessary. Then when they have returned to school in September, you can stock up on the more expensive bits and pieces like laptops, calculators and backpacks.


Home improvements

If you need to spend out on domestic improvements like carpeting and flooring, timing is key. Lots of people choose October or November to give the home a makeover before the holiday season, and then there is another peak as spring arrives and home owners embark on home improvement projects.

Target the trough between these peaks, though, and you can find some January bargains!


Garden Equipment

If your lawnmower struggles to complete one last summer, or your patio furniture is looking down at heel, don’t leave it till the following spring to replace them. DIY stores will be offering massive discounts in September and October as they desperately try to shift inventory to make way for their Christmas ranges. Bag a bargain and you will be all ready for the coming year.



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