Money-Saving Tips for Lockdown 2

Well here we go again – I thought you might fancy having a read of some of my money-saving tips for lockdown 2.



Money-saving tips for Lockdown 2

Okay, we have been through it before but this one is going to be a bit different. Fir a start it’s darker earlier and it’s getting chilly and let’s be honest this is a pretty expensive time of year


Brr – it’s chilly

Heating bills were not an issue during the last lockdown but they absolutely are now. Do what you can to keep those bills down. They are going to be bigger than usual if you are working from home and not going out much at the weekends so do:

  1. See if you are eligible for any grants or benefits relating to your heating ( you will be surprised)
  2. Close internal doors as you go through them
  3. Always wear socks and slippers and layer tops and add more clothes before you up the heating!
  4. Hot drinks help
  5. Get out for a good brisk walk every day



Have a read of my post the best ways to save money on your heating bills


The kids are going to be stuck indoors

They absolutely are not – get your selves wrapped up really warm and get yourselves out and about. Do not get stuck thinking you can only go out if the weather is good.



Money-Saving Tips for Lockdown 2



But they will be indoors much more

Yes, that’s true but never fear my awesome list is here! 50 things to do when stuck indoors with the kids

It’s an amazing list of ideas and you might even get a chance to give them all a go this lockdown!




What about an advent calendar they cost so much?

Counting down to Christmas is loads of fun and if it is part of your culture you won’t want your kids to miss out.  I have a competition to win a  really lovely calendar full of mindfulness activities you could all do-over on Instagram and I also have lots of ideas for simple and fun DIY advent calenders.

Not only are these loads of fun to open, knowing you made them but they very act of making them keeps kids busy, and entertained too.

If you do want to splash out, just a little,  I actually reviewed a DIY advent craft kit which was loads of fun and can be used year after year – a great money-saving tip for lockdown 2




Grocery prices seem to have risen

I can find no other evidence for this except anecdotal but everyone I know is saying their grocery prices have gone up. No one needs that! So this past week I have been sharing some quick solutions to reduce your grocery costs. I do hope you find them helpful.

My number one tip would be to use up all your leftovers to make soup! It will warm you, keep you busy and save you money. I have 10 of the best vegetarian soups here



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I do hope you enjoyed today’s post on Money-Saving Tips for Lockdown 2


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