Most Affordable Seaside Towns in UK

A trip to the seaside is a tradition in British summertime. But certain UK seaside towns aren’t just perfect for tourists: they also have a great deal to offer permanent residents, and many of these places appeal to those with deep pockets.

However, there is no need to fret, as there are several affordable options worth considering if you’re thinking of a visit or even a move to the seaside.




Skegness is a coastal town that is rich in culture, with attractions to keep everyone entertained throughout summer and winter. The famous Pleasure Beach provides an abundance of classic food and drink, while Fantasy Island in Ingoldmells provides a dose of high-octane, affordable fun for the family.

Accommodation in this part of the country tends to be highly affordable. Look for new build homes in Skegness, and you’ll find plenty to choose from.



Blackpool is synonymous with its incredible entertainment and culture. There are many different sorts of entertainment on offer, which help it to appeal to a variety of different sorts of people.

The town was made famous in the late nineteenth century, when the promenade was lit for the first time using electricity. Then, the world-famous Blackpool Tower was erected. A great deal has changed over the ensuing century, but this little slice of British seaside remains a compelling choice for both tourists and permanent residents.



You’ll find Hartlepool alongside the North Sea. It’s not quite as tourist-friendly as the towns we’ve mentioned thus far, which makes it a great match for those seeking the quiet life. House prices here are also extremely reasonable.

Hartlepool has been shaped by its maritime past. You’ll find several museums and attractions that focus on the navy, and seafaring history.


South Shields

South Shields offers gorgeous beaches and plenty of shopping arcades. One of the key virtues of the place, however, is its proximity to Newcastle upon Tyne.

If you’d like to balance the seclusion of a coastal existence with the convenience of a major city, then it’s an ideal choice. South Shields has a great deal to commend about it, especially where affordability is concerned.



This little coastal town in Ayrshire is one of the region’s ‘Three Towns’. The population is just eleven thousand, and its history can be traced back to the thirteenth century, when monks from Kilwinning Abbey discovered coal in the region. If you’re seeking a remote existence, then Scotland might seem a natural choice.

The cost of living is low here, and you won’t be too far from civilisation, thanks to excellent transport links with the rest of the country. Whisky lovers might appreciate some local distilleries, including those on the nearby island of Arran.


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