Moving House Top Tips and Tricks for Protecting Your Home and Possessions

Moving House Top Tips and Tricks to help you look after your possessions

Some like to procrastinate, like the person who waits to pack just before they leave for a flight.  If you’re a frequent flyer and experienced in grabbing what’s vital before a quick trip, more power to you, but a hasty mentality is sure to get you in trouble when moving from one home to another.


Moving House Top Tips and Tricks

Sturdy Boxes

Sturdy boxes are the cornerstone of any successful move.  However, new boxes are expensive; try recruiting used boxes from friends, family members, store vendors, etc.  Check in the rear of major retailers to find a range of sizes, but be sure you’re grabbing those still usable.  You don’t want any that have holes, rips, or seem unsturdy.

Moving House Top Tips and Tricks


Permanent Markers and Labels

Once a box is fully packed and all items neatly nestled within, you’re still missing an integral part of the puzzle.  You need to write down the final destination of the belongings.  Having the boxes set down in the right area of the home will save you a lot of energy.  A big mistake people make is assuming marks won’t get rubbed off, bleed, or washed out by rain.  Moreover, labels peel off, get ripped, and go missing.  Take the added effort to get a permanent marker and to tape the label securely to each box.


Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap will become your best friend, protecting your belongings from bumps, bruises, and unfortunate tumbles.  It’s obviously needed for your most fragile possessions, but it’s also a great safeguard for just about any household item.


Clean Possessions

Why bring old dirt into a new home?  Make sure all of your items are cleaned before you bubble wrap them and pack them in a box.  Dust all of the furniture and wipe all other possessions with a cloth.


Moving House Top Tips and Tricks


More Moving House Top Tips and Tricks


Discarded Items

The ability to discard unwanted or unneeded items is one of the best things about moving.  Some find it hard to let go of items, even if they no longer need them.  Others are too lazy to allocate time toward an audit of owned items.  Moving forces you to survey your stuff and decide whether each item is necessary, wanted, and going to make the move with you.


Armed Alarm

If you’re moving before selling your present home, you’ll need to keep it safe and secure.  An abandoned home can appear as if the owners are away and will attract burglars.  Therefore, consider investing in an alarm.  Even if there is nothing valuable in the home, a breaking and entering is likely to involve some sort of damage to a door, window, etc.  Taylors estate agents encourage owners to protect their former home as if they are still living there.


Self Storage

The option of self storage can be a incredibly convenient.  For example, you may miscalculate the amount of room you have in your new space and find that you don’t have enough space for particular items.  Storing them away gives you the opportunity to think about your next move.  Perhaps you can give the furniture to a friend or family member.  Alternatively, you can sell it via Craigslist or a garage sale.


Slow Procedure

You’ll want to start the process early.  Rather than waiting until a couple weeks before the move to begin placing things in boxes, start months ahead of time.  Make it a slow procedure and start with non-essential and seasonal items, things that you don’t normally need.  Slowly begin putting things away that get more use but you can do without until after the move.


Fragile Materials

The bubble wrap will help protect most items but you’ll want to take added precaution with items such as glass tabletops and your television set.  Wrap these items in blankets and towels.  Make sure the covering is securely fastened and no pieces are exposed.


Downward Movement

Gradually begin bringing all of your items down to one floor.  Otherwise, moving will seem more laborious; you’ll need to pack the boxes and then lug them around.  Start with the upper floors of your home, placing things in boxes and gradually carrying them down and storing them on the main floor.


Outside Help

Don’t be skittish about getting outside help even if it is going to cost you.  You want the move to go as smoothly as possible.  Moving to a new place can be stressful, so you want to make things easier, which means looking to friends, family, and service providers for added help.  Sometimes paying vendors costs money but saves you peace of mind, which is much more valuable.


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