Mucky and Messy at Half Term.

I have been a mummy now for 8 long (mucky/messy) years  I am well used to stain removal and a bit of an expert at it.

This morning my son and his best mate played on the wii, did some science experiments (with my supervision) played top trumps and generally had a great, clean and tidy playdate. For a few quiet moments I took my eye off the ball. In that time they grabbed their shoes and scooted outside and they made a massive hole in the garden when I wasn’t looking. They filled it with water and made an animal watering hole/dam. As you do . The mud mingled with their chocolate pudding and they wore it like a badge of pride.There were squeals of fun and laughter so I let them get on with it.

Then my son (not his well behaved little pal) ran through the house with his shoes on.

Photo credit: Lescek


Apparently he forgot his shoes were muddy.


Once I had taken said rather mucky best friend back to his lovely,neat home (oops) I turned my attention back to my rather mud splattered carpet. I let it dry and tried brushing it but to no avail. It was deifnitely in need of some carpet stain remover . I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

You know what though I do love that they were playing and being imaginative and despite loving my carpets too I do like it when my children act like children rather than wanting to stay glued to screens.

My mum really wrapped us in cotton wool when we were kids and I always vowed to try and encourage my kids to be more adventurous and wild than I was. I don’t necessarily want to know how to remove blood stains but a bit of mud can’t defeat me!


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