My 3 top tips for an extra special thrifty Christmas

If you make your Christmas  about traditions and not just gifts you will really keep your costs down and yet your Christmas will be extra special. You could get your kids excited about going carol singing at the neighbours and making salt dough decorations for the tree. By planning in other festive activities you  take the emphasis off what they might get so it doesn’t become all you or they think about.

If you make your Christmas about heartfelt rather than expensive gifts for family and friends  you will keep your costs down whilst keeping your Christmas extra special. You could make individual homemade cards for loved ones and encourage your children to put time and care into these. Between you you could write a family letter about all that has gone well this year and all your news and copy and send this out with your Christmas cards. We light a candle on Christmas Eve and name and remember  all those we love who have passed and any one we love who is ill.

If you make your Christmas about making entertainment rather than just receiving it you will save money and make memories. Pantomimes and meals out may be fab but having a wonderful afternoon activity can mean a walk planned somewhere beautiful with friends and shared hot chocolate. Try reading Christmas stories rather than renting DVD’s or helping your children put on a nativity for their Granny rather than heading to a show. Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun.

Traditions, heartfelt gifts and planned, simple, shared fun can make a thrifty Christmas the best ever



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