My Best Ever Holiday

My Best Ever Holiday.

When I was 18 I worked hard all year. Not just at my A Levels but also at BHS where I had a Saturday job in the restaurant. I did lots so f extra shifts and I squirrelled the money away. I had a plan. As soon as my A levels were over I was off with 3 of my  best friends for a holiday. My first holiday without the grown ups.How absolutely thrilling. We were off holidaying in Spain and I was beyond excited.

We paid for every single penny of that holiday ourselves  and I remember we paid the deposit then would go in and make payments. This was 24 years ago (OMG I am SO old!) I wonder if a travel agent would let you do that nowadays…most probably not!  But luckily there are many cheap holiday deals now available that will allow many to travel on a low budget.

I recall our holiday vividly. We went to Estartit in Spain on the Costa Dorada.

Photo Credit: BCN photos

It was a pretty party place,  full of sunshine and bars called things like the Rovers Return. We were young, naive girls and we were shocked  by how flirty the boys were and how forward everyone was. We spent our days sunbathing and our nights dancing. We had such a great time.

When we returned we were brown as berries , we had had a fair few kisses and too many late nights and it had been great fun. We had all been studying so hard it was such a treat to relax and be silly. We were sad to come home and have our time together end. Somewhere I have an old tatty photo of us sat on our suitcases looking forlorn as it was time to go home.

We were all going to different university’s Jo to Manchester,  Mel to Oxford, Helen to Hull and me to London.  We had been inseperable. This was our final fling as childhood friends together.

23 years on Mel has just been to visit over Christmas and we sat talking in a restaurant for hours. Helen came home from Wales over Christmas and bought her daughter to play with mine. I spoke to Jo on the phone the other day and we planned our New Years diets together (again.) 23 years on. We haven’t ever lived again in the same city in all that time.

My good, good friends.

Our lovely holiday was an ending of our childhood together and the beginning of our adult hood. I am so glad we saved for that holiday I feel it cemented our friendship and it will always be a very precious memory.

Is a holiday with your friends long over due too?  Check out and see if somehow this year you could perhaps have a few days away.

Friends are fab,




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