My Dream Horse

My daughter dreams of having a pet.

She would love a horse or dog in particular, so being invited to draw her dream horse and having it bought to life was an absolute joy for her!

Here is a picture of her horse (well I say horse, it is actually more of a unicorn but a dream can be anything you want can’t it – and I guess a unicorn is sort of a horse!!)



We eagerly awaited our post-lady bringing the cuddly toy version of this fabulous drawing and she absolutely did not disappoint us!




My Dream Horse

So cute and much loved I have to tell you!



When I was a child I always dreamed of having a horse.

Not a unicorn, a real proper live horse.

Not for me make up, boys and pop music Saturdays were spent at the stables and my dreams were full of ponies.

Sadly my dream never did come true. Instead I would get an hours ride a week in return for about 4 hours spent mucking out and leading round other children as they got a riding lesson.

Oh well!


Why insurance matters

As I moved into my teens though my aunty got her own horse and I just thought this was the best thing ever and spent so much time with him, how I loved him.

He had a rather bad accident at one point and hurt his jaw and needed a specialist operation – vets fees were so high. He got fixed up but it seriously cost thousands and if my aunty had not had insurance he probably would not have made it.

People who love their animals I know will move heaven and earth to see them healthy and well and pet insurance is really important,

Getting a horse insurance quote from a company like Petplan Equine could be one of the very best things a horse owner could do to care for their animal



This post has been possible due to Petplan Equine, but all thoughts are my own

Me? Well I dream about quite different things







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