My Family Love…A Medal for Leroy by Micheal Morpurgo

In our family we are huge fans of books, Books come free form the library and are plentiful, Books come super cheap from car boot sales and charity shops. Book bring us wealth of knowledge and a richness of ideas. They are a perfect pastime for a family on a budget.

A recent book that has moved us all and initiated conversations about courage , race, war and families is A Medal for Leroy.

A Medal for Leroy is the new novel by Micheal Morpurgo who I find an inspiration in himself. Micheal has written an amazing  120 books, With very good reason he is one of the UK’s best loved authors  and in 2003 he was the Children’s laureate.

a medal for leroy


This wonderful book is the story of Leroy whose memory of his heroic RAF father is tired to a medal he has to remember him by and a single photo. The book is about secrets and about courage and about identity and it is inspired. It is a book that makes children think about race, families, and different times.

The book is motivated by the story of Walter Tull.  Walter Tull was the first black officer in the British Army . A most amazing man. he grew up in an orphanage in London, played football for spurs and then joined up  to fight in 1914. He was very brave and it is felt he  should have had a medal for his courage. Micheal dedicated this book to his memory,

A posthumous medal for Walter Tull would  be a marvellous thing wouldn’t it?



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