My Family Love….Scented candles

I am a great believer in the power of small things .

I even have a book about it. How  the little things make all the difference.Let me give you some examples.

I have a friend who has  a lovely home but it is always cold. Just a little thing like turning up the heating would make it a pleasure to be there. I have another fried who always asks to see the latest photos of my kids when we meet. I love that.

My friened Giselle sent her husband round to drop off chocolate and orange scones a few days ago because I was a bit fed up one each for me and the kids. A little thing but it mean to so much.

I think in  a home it’s the little things that can make a difference too don’t you?  Having a clear sink, book spines facing the right way, coordinating flannels and towels, a number visible on your door.

As you know I have been giving my house a makeover and I keep being struck by how it is the little things I do that make a difference. Yesterday I just took a little bike out the kids playroom and popped it  in the shed. Suddenly the room looks bigger cleaner and calmer …wow.

Scented candles are on of those powerful little things that I love to see in a family home. I love the light from a candle it is peaceful calming and spiritual and  it makes me feel restful. To  my children candles means ‘something special’  and we often light them and put them by my late parents photos. We always light a candle Christmas Eve to celebrate and of course at Valentines, and birthdays.Different smells for different occasions and of course cinnammon at Christmas, Roses at valentines. So traditional. Scents take you straight to the right mood don’t they and evoke such memories.

Sometimes though when the kids have gone to sleep I find a candle to be lovely romantic gesture. It is far less expensive than a slap up meal or a date night out but definitely high in the romance stakes.

I like jar candles they are safer and look far less messy than their uncontained equivalents and they can be used again and again and store away neatly too.
A really good value home accessories that makes a huge different to mood lighting and fragrance.


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