My Home Style #MyInteriorStyling

My home style is contemporary and colourful and relaxed.


I have a strong sense of what I do and what I do not like. I am not one just to follow trends and have flamingos and palm leaves everywhere just because the style mags tell me this is cool. I don’t have the inclination or budget just to follow trends.

I love simplicity in a home and yet I also like it to feel warm and welcoming.  So wooden floors with cosy rugs are my idea of perfect. Comfy sofas without patterns or fussy cushions are my idea of a lovely home style.


I like quite a minimalist look and try to avoid clutter or ornamentation of any kind really. If I do accessorise it is with candles or photographs or usually something useful or meaningful.I suppose my home is quite small really and clutter just makes it look crowded so I do like to keep surfaces free. This is a good budget option too!

I also like my home to look fresh and super clean. Having a cleaner is my way of making sure my windows gleam and no matter how busy I am my floors shine. It is my one big indulgence. I also like a well-scented home so we always have fresh fruit and fresh flowers in it and gorgeous candles,

Good quality is another important hallmark of my home-style luxury bed sheets from store s like Julian Charles are a must. My home has to feel lovely as well as look lovely so this means the linen has to be perfect, sofas need to be well upholstered, carpets need to be thick and hardwearing and curtains need to be lined. Detailing is important to me.

I like my home to be light and bright too , so mirrors and white walls are important to me and a key feature of any home I have ever lived in.

I am not a lover of patterns (I never have been) but I am a lover of colour. I like bold primary colours – I have red sofas, yellow cushions, bright, bold artwork on my walls – this contrasts so well with a white, minimalist look and adds real warmth and vivacity to our home.

So this is my home style – do tell me in the comments below all about yours?




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