My sporting ambitions

My sporting ambitions

I love sport but short of driving my kids to tennis and football each and every week (several times)  it has been a while since I actually did any sadly due to ill health.

I am however an avid spectator and there are a lot of things I have never seen in the sporting world that I would dearly love to. Here are a few that take place this month that I am earmarking to attend in the future.


Embracing  cricket

The cricket season kicks off this month and I have lived near Trent Bridge all my life and never seen a match isn’t that just absolutely rubbish. I intend to put this right but booking the whole family in for some country cricket this year. I think it will be a lovely way to chill out and spend time together and we really should embrace such an iconic venue right on our doorstep. I have dreams of picnics, Pimms, sunny days and handsome cricketers. If you hop on over to the BBC sports website you can see a full list of country cricket fixtures and I am sure you will find some local to you.


The boat race

I have watched the Oxford and Cambridge boat race year after years and I always get  so excited. I would really like to go and see it live and wait at the finish line. I adore the team work that goes into rowing. and I would love to have a go one day! The actual race this year is on the 2nd April so really soon actually! You can read more about the race, it’s history and traditions here I am too late this year to plan a trip but next year I am booking my train ticket in advance and I will get there!


A day at the races

My dad was a racecourse bookie and I used to go to a lot of point to point meetings with him but never really to the big events. Laddies’ Day at the Aintree Grand National Festival takes place on Friday 7th April. It is called Ladies’ Day due to the tradition of racegoers dressing up. I’ve been to Ladies day at Ascot as a child and it was spectacular. This year I will have a bet on Ladies’ Day with William Hill but next year I will try my best to actually go! I just love horse and to see them race fills me with joy, you can just see how much they love it too. I’d love to make the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Derby too. They are on my list. And oh I would dearly lovely to go to Bluegrass for the Kentucky Derby one day!


Over to you

What about you ? Have you been to a sporting event that you would highly recommend..or is there one you go to year after year? Or, like me, do you have a wish list? Do let me know in the comments below, I love to hear from you.




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