My top five back to school tips for parents

Back to school tips for parents

Well where on earth did the summer holidays go?

Evidence of them having been here  is everywhere: glitter and googly eyes found in odd place, strawberry and blackberry stained tops, dvd’s out their sleeves, dice missing from games.

But evidence they are ending is starting to appear too only the rubbish ice lollies left in the freezer, mummy’s purse is empty and she’s looking a bit weary. School uniform lists and labels are starting to appear and pencil cases are being gathered.

Back to school is on the horizon

I have 5 top back to school tips that I would like to share with you. These are based on the  bitter experience of not doing them!

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Back to school tips for parents

1. Get back into the going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up in time for school routine at least a week before you have to do it . Otherwise things are going to get cranky and rushed that first week or so and that’s the last thing you need.

2. I would advice you get school bags  sorted well in advance. I would really involve your child in choosing this if you can as  it’ll make them feel happy and confident if they like it. Their are some absolutely gorgeous mini rucksacks  from Pink Lining

3. With lunch boxes I would strongly advise getting one a week or so in advance. You need to be sure your child knows how to use it and can manage it easily. An easy to handle zip and a waterproof cover is a must! Have a few practice days where you fill it up at lunch time and see how they manage.

4.  Not all school insist you need them but it can be great fun for a child to put together a little pencil cases of bits and bobs they may need. Children do like to have their own things are preparing themselves for learning can be an important step towards children going back to or starting school.

5. Last but not least I would say this . I still feel sad about my kids returning to school after the holidays and I always have a little cry when they do (they are year 2 and 4 now!)  Some mums I know are just excited the holidays are done and others feel relieved. I don’t think it does a great deal for children to see any of these feelings expressed with a great force. You need to be encouraging and positive about school , they don’t need to be worried you are glad to get rid of them or having a nervous breakdown because you are so worried about them. Try and save all that up till they have closed the school gate but then grab and friend and let it spill!

It is time for coffee and cake.

Good luck hope and I hope your back to school days go well and these back to school tips for parents prove useful  You might also like my post on life hacks for busy parents


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