Navigating The Tricky Costs of Removal Companies

Navigating The Tricky Costs of Removal Companies

When you need to move house, sometimes there’s no better option than using a removals company. Saving you the hassle of packing, lifting and transporting items of various sizes, the convenience is almost invariably worth the cost if you can afford it.

The trouble is, there are so many factors that go into removals quotes. So, how do you determine you’re getting the best deal possible?




Make sure you understand what costs are involved

An important way of ensuring you’re getting the best deal is to make you sure understand exactly what costs are involved with moving. There may be a number of costs you would not realise are involved without closely thinking about exactly what is included in the price of removal.

For example, those moving through London may have to pay extra costs like the congestion charge. AnyVan’s guide to arranging removals in London states that a good London service provider will include such costs within their offer. Of course, some will not and leave you to pay out more money than you may have planned.

Removal companies may also charge for things like overtime and insurance (you may be able to get cheaper insurance elsewhere). For these reasons, it is crucial that you understand exactly what is included in your quote so that you can save as much money as possible. You may again have to go elsewhere to reduce costs.


Remove any services you don’t need

As Which? say, a number of factors are used to determine the cost of a removal. Depending on how much of the operation you can take on yourself, not all of these may be necessary.

Like not paying the removal company for insurance if you can get it cheaper elsewhere, removing any services that you don’t need at all can again help you cut costs. For example, if you’re able to package your own items, make you sure you don’t pay for a full packing service.

Many removal companies may also charge for services like cleaning, a handyman and dismantling items, yet these services are not fundamental to many moving processes. It is therefore important that you remove such services so that you are not charged for any services you simply do not need.


Choose your moving date carefully

Recent data has shown that the most popular day to move home is on a Friday, but this may not be the most cost efficient option if you’re actively trying to save. Whilst Friday moves give people the freedom to spend the weekend unpacking, its popularity as a moving day means that removals companies will be busier and more likely to charge extra.

Although in many cases it is unlikely that you will have a choice in what date you can move, if you do have this freedom then it is well worth choosing it carefully. Picking a day from Monday to Thursday in the week could reduce your costs.

In addition, if you have a substantial amount of flexibility with your moving date, choosing a day during the off peak season can also lighten the toll on your wallet.


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