I Need a New Winter Coat

I am a lover of fashion and adore to see what the shops are stocking each season. I particularly love winter fashion. Being a rather curvy girl  I have greater fondness for big jumpers, thick wooly tights and cuddly coats than i do for skimpy shorts and sleeveless tops.

Part of my ongoing well being project involves taking more care of how I dress and not just relying on leggings to get me buy or my old joggers. Pre kids I would never have dressed how I do nowadays! It’s partly being busy, partly focusing on the kids and partly just bad habits I have got into. All I know is it is definitely time for a change.

Budget is a constraint so I turn to the high street and really there are some great deals to be found.

New Look winter clothes are lovely and I think they look good value for money too. I am in the market for a new winter coat. I have never had a parka but always fancied one as they look so practical but stylish too.

This coat looks amazing doesn’t it . So super cosy

I think though I would probably gfo for something plainer. If I want to get really good value for me I would want something I could wear with as many outfits as possible . I think the beige is rather classy actually and very versatile

Its also long enough to cover my bum if I sit down on a wet park bench which is of course very important when you have little kids.

Trouble is I also like the green and it is not frugal to buy every colour now is it!






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