All you need for a perfect wedding on a budget

Are you planning a perfect wedding on a budget

wedding on a budget


The average wedding in the UK costs is around 25k according to Brides magazine*

I know… it’s a house deposit!

I am guessing if you are on my site you are looking at ways to save money and budget carefully, not spend 25k on one day no matter how special it is.

I have looked at each area to do with a wedding and have some tips for you on how you can keep costs down.


All you need for a perfect wedding on a budget


Little cyclamens on the reception tables look as elegant and sweet as any wedding flowers and yet cost an absolute fraction of the price and  won’t need a florist. Bridal flowers can be a simple one colour spray or a bunch of roses form your mum’s garden …it doesn’t  have to be fancy to look fabulous.


If anyone in your family or friendship circle love to bake then ask them to bake you the cake as their gift. Keep it simple, scour Pinterest for some ideas and you will have saved yourself a packet.

wedding ona budget

Dress & Shoes

I rented my wedding dress because money was tight and my hubby hired his suit too. But if you want outfits to keep have you considered eBay? or even the high street? BHS do some lovely dresses. You will only wear it once after all.


This really is a s simple as buying some little cards from the supermarket. People get thrilled receiving your news not your expensive cards!

Beauty for your perfect wedding on a budget

If you have a friend who does amazing hair and her own nails book them in fast..let them know getting you wedding ready would be a perfect wedding gift.

Perfect Wedding on a budget Reception

Keep an eye on Groupon deals for wedding receptions, consider having a weekday wedding as they are often cheaper and whittle down your numbers. All of these can incur big savings.


Is there somewhere very special to you as a couple you would like to revisit in the UK? This could make a lovely honeymoon. We went to Yorkshire and had a blustery and blissful few days in a cottage on a farm. Have you a friend who lives somewhere lovely who fancies a house swap for a week? How about a short city break somewhere romantic? Honeymoons don’t have to be two very expensive weeks in the Maldives.

I hope your wedding on a budget is magical and you begin your married life without being in wedding day debt!


perfect wedding on a budget


Over to you for more perfect wedding on a budget tips

Do you have any tips for a wedding on a budget? If you do please leave me a comment below


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