New Floors for Your Home: 3 Tips to Keep It Under Budget

Create a personal Mood Board instead of hiring an Interior Designer

Let’s face it you’re not a professional interior designer. And hiring one is expensive, very expensive. But you do know your home the best and though you may not be the best choice to remodel a 10 bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills, you certainly can accomplish small remodels on your own! The first step is to create your own mood board; a tactic most interior designers will use to match colors, styles and looks within a specific home. A mood board essentially communicates a design inspiration for a room or home. You want to get your furniture, fabric, paint, and lighting on there. Now you can put some flooring options to help you create the overall mood that best fits the style you already have in your home. Most sites will let you order free flooring samples like here, then you can select different style and colors and try them on your mood board to see what works the best.



Look at cheaper options like LVT or acacia

When most people are doing their floors their first thought is hardwood flooring. A great option but can be one of the most expensive options. One of the best low cost alternatives is LVT or luxury vinyl flooring that looks like real wood. Most vinyl options will run you half the price per square foot of their real wood counterpart and are generally considered much more durable and resilient style of flooring. If you’re stuck on real hardwood flooring as an option, you can opt for cheaper species that have all the benefits of real hardwood without the high price tag. One of our top recommendations is acacia hardwood flooring, this species is much more affordable than a lot of exotic or oak floors and tends to get looked over by a lot of shoppers. You can get engineered acacia floors in a variety of colors and widths with amazing grain patterns that match almost any décor like the one below:

engineered acacia flooring

Opt for DIY friendly Click construction

There are styles of floors that you MUST get a professional to install. There are multiple types of connectivity for flooring, both vinyl and hardwood. If you want to pass on the expensive installers look for the floor you want in what is called Click flooring. This type of flooring comes in an easy click together construction that makes it the most DIY friendly type of flooring on the market today! You can opt to glue down this flooring which will add a little but of cost but is definitely a doable DIY option or you can “float” it over your sub floor (an increasingly popular option). Essentially you just need to be get a silencer (a layer that cancels out noise and acts as a moisture barrier) to put in between the floor and your sub floor (whether it be concrete or old flooring) and lay the floor on top. It’s that simple!

click vinyl plank flooring

So you don’t have to be a professional interior designer or a contractor to completely change the look of your floors! As long as you follow some simple tips you can get a whole new look and feel all within your budget!



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