New home products we have tried this week

As a blogger I get sent a number of items to review and I have to admit I do love to try out new products.

Do you fancy a little look at what we have been trying this week?


Well first up is the new Persil non bio dual action capsules. basically they are Persil with a stain removing agent included in the normal capsule.

Oh and they work…really well! I got a huge spaghetti sauce stain out my daughters dress just in a normal wash. I was very impressed and saved a lot of messing about.

Apparently it can remove red wine, black coffee and blackcurrant juice too.


A tub containing enough for 28 washes is £9.99 available from supermarkets

persil 2

Next we tried Goldenberry juice. This is a brand new juice to me and a superhealthy one at that. It is made (obviously) from goldenberries and is jam packed with nutrients. It is really high in antioxidants and vitamin A so is meant to keep your skin healthy and supple. They also have more fibre than prunes and more iron than spinach and no added sugar. Goldenberries are set to be this years superfruit.

The taste was nice and subtle and although I didn’t ‘love it’ I could definitely drink it as it was both pleasant and refereeing.

Available from Waitrose.




Last but not least we were sent some silicone ice cube trays. Some rather special and rather fun  icecube trays.

                       pea                                                                                                                                                                         !

This quirky ice tray allows you to create perfectly spherical ice balls .

You imply connect the 2 sides of the tray and fill with water through the holes. Place the trays in the freezer (holes facing up!!) and within a few hours you will be able to pop the ice balls straight out into your drink! How very cool (no pun intended) is that !

I think this is fantastic and what a cute gift idea.


The Easy Peasy ice tray costs £9.95 from Paperchase


So that’s my little round up of things tried this week. Have you found any fab new home products recently?



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