Review: Nike Air Max 2014

If you cast your mind back to last September I  was telling you about my wellness project where I attempt to get fit and healthy as possible. Things have taken a bit of a knock recently as I have been unwell and of course there was Christmas. But I need to start the getting fit process again with no excuses. Baby steps (jogs) it may be to start with but they  need to be steps in the right direction and with the right pair of trainers.

I have a friend who is very fit and when I ask her what you need to get fit she always says just 4 things …water, a good pair of trainers, a plan and a positive mental attitude.

I have a plan in place for 1/2hour  exercise a day building this up to greater intensity over time.  I will be getting fit this year!  I have a very positive attitude towards this. I need to be as healthy as I can be to get the very best out of life and I know this is going to requite effort and determination.

I just needed a good pair of trainers.

In the past few years I have had supermarket bought trainers that frankly haven’t really been very comfortable or useful. Imagine my absolute delight on being asked if I would like to review some trainers from JD sports.

These are the beauties I chose from the huge range  they have on offer. They are simply the most gorgeous pair of Nike runners from JD sports

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I chose the Nike Air Max 2014  to review. Isn’t it a beautiful looking trainer!? Now I know looks aren’t everything but still…gorgeous. Its is also without any hint of a doubt the most comfortable trainer I have ever owned. It is like walking on air and it makes my legs feel strong and capable.

A fabulous trainer really! Available in several different colours too. I just don’t want to take them off!

My favourite bit is the the visible air unit which is just super cool!

These cost £130. This is probably about 4/5 times what I would normally pay but the quality is vastly superior and I will definitely get lots and lots of wear from them.

I love JD Sports there is just so much choice on the site and the latest in sports wear too. JD sports has been going for 30 years and is the official stockist of loads of brilliant brands. It also has lots of exclusive deals which are well worth checking out.


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