Nordgreen Pioneer Review – Beautiful Nordgreen Watches

Nordgreen are the most beautiful watch brand and to be offered the opportunity to review the Nordgreen Pioneer was a delightful one.

There are many things that make Nordgreen a very special watch brand and I am excited to share them with you.


My experience of Nordgreen

I love watches,  and I have to say I have a fair few beautiful watches of my own including a Nordgreen Native watch with a white dial face and a vegan leather watch strap. I absolutely love this watch and wear it all the time even though I have it for a while now. It goes with everything, is beautifully made and so classy. Truly lovely.

It is a brand I always recommend.


Vegan straps 

As a life long non leather wearing vegetarian being able to get  a beautiful vegan watch strap is a constant and often fruitless quest when it comes to watch buying but Nordgreen never disappoint me on this score. All their watches have vegan options and they never look cheap or plasticky – they are gorgeous quality and look just like their leather watch straps equivalent. 


The Nordgreen pioneer

The Nordgreen Pioneer is another lush example of stylish minimal design that epitomises the brand and my OH picked this out immediately as the watch of his choice. Oh, it made the most perfect of fathers day gifts!


Nordgreen Pioneer


J, my partner just loved this watch, it is classy and timeless, achingly cool and discrete. He hasn’t worn a watch in years but this one delights him and best of all it goes with anything – suit to jeans and a polo. It is a great design.

He chose a black vegan strap to go with the black face he picked out, but other options of the same design are available include. white dials mesh straps or various leather options. 

He has barely taken it off.


Nordgreen Pioneer Review



Why not take a look for yourself at the Nordgreen Pioneer and all it has to offer and to hear the designer discuss it.

  • Danish design by Jakob Wagner  (a master designer with huge credibility) for a timeless look
  • Interchangeable straps for versatility and when you fancy a change of style /look  
  • Ethical packaging




Nordgreen Credentials 

Nordgreen are a carbon neutral company so even though you are ordering form Scandinavia do feel reassured your emissions are offset. 


A beautiful company who sell the most beautiful of watches – do take a look.


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