Notcutts and green fingered kids

green fingered kids

I love my kids to be out and about and I like them mucky and sunkissed and I do like it when they water the plants so I don’t have to!

Childhood gardens are precious places.


Green fingered kids

I spent a lot of time growing up digging in my grandads garden, collecting up tomatoes and raspberries  and  pulling up carrots. He used to sit in his greenhouse hanky on his head dozing,  shouting out the occasional instruction. I loved the tomatoe-y earthy smell of that greenhouse and I have so many lovely memories of big old English roses smelling so sweet and me being allowed to pick them to present as a bunch to my mum.

In our childhood garden mum grew Lilly of the Valley and had extraordinary flourishing hanging baskets. It was tiny her garden  but tended with huge love. We were closely supervised pulling up weeds and mint. I often got the two confused. How I loved the minty smell.

I want my children  to really engage with our garden too so I was delighted to reveiw Notcutts. They gave me a voucher to spend and I decided to use it to involve the kids.

green fingered kids

I decided to order lots of wildflowers seeds, a little trowel each to encourage responsibility . some carrots to plant , nasturtium seeds and some bird seed. So lots to do and lots to watch grow. They will also I am sure have huge fun watching the birds feed.


We had a great time planting and at the moment they are arguing over who does the watering each night so my plan worked then!

My grandads garden used to be full of flowers and I  recognised this one on the  Notcutts site ‘bowl of beauty’ so had to treat myself. It came sturdily packed with clear instructions and has been an absolute delight in front of my house


There is currently an amazing online and instore summer sale on at Notcutts too. They don’t just sell plants you know.

Notcutts do everything for the garden  and luxury items too….

If I had a spare £1500 I would treat myself to this cocoon

Notcutts stores are gorgeous and their is a huge and diverse range of items for the garden for sale.

I love that my kids are more interested now I feel at last I am growing green fingered kids


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