Nottingham Comic Convention 2015

Nottingham Comic Convention 2015 is on Saturday 24th October 2015 at  Nottingham Conference Centre.


I went last year, with my then 10 year old Beano and Pokemon obsessed son and we had an awesome time.

Everywhere we looked people were dressed as their favourite comic character from Stormtroopers to Pikachu. We met a wealth of amazing comic artists (including Steve Beckett from The Beano who is  just super talented)


Such a creative hub of talent.

We also bought an old gameboy and same games and quite a few independent comics. Their was a fab cafe too and lots of talks going on to stir the comic loving senses.

This year sounds JUST as exciting.

Lots of exhibitors, wonderful artists, fabulous sessions and talks as well as animated film. Artiosts form Popeye 2oooad the Fantastic Four and my persobnal fave bananaman will all be in attendence plsy many more.


Nottingham Comic Convention 2015 – whats on

There will be live music from Jamie Beau a multi talented Alt-Folk artist and places to eat.

Charity monies raised form the event go to these wonderful causes….




If comics are your thing and you can get to Nottingham do head down to Nottingham Comic Con

Tickets are free for Under 12’s and £7 each over 12 available form


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