Organizing Papers to Keep your Life Clutter Free & On Track

How do you go about organizing papers to keep life simple?

Fast, simple, and inexpensive ideas to reduce paper clutter in the home. Store papers in an organized fashion to reduce time finding an important document.


Organizing papers



Organizing Papers to keep your life Clutter Free

Organizing clutter is time-consuming and overwhelming. Set up a system to keep paper clutter to management in your home. An inexpensive clutter solution is to use binders for all your paper needs.


Binder Storing Options

1. Invest in a good quality three-hole puncher. Three-hole punch all literature and place in the appropriate binder.

2. Place plastic sleeves in a three-hole binder. Put literature in each sleeve.


1) School Notice Binders

Almost daily, literature from the school of upcoming events, fundraising, tests, interviews, and much more come into the home effortlessly. Use a three-ring binder to organize all of the school literature. Organizing papers is handy! Organize the school notice binder by date. Use tabs to identify it by months, weeks, or days. This binder is best kept in the kitchen to keep track of all school literature.


2) Warranties Binder

Every time I make a new purchase, they sell an extended warranty with it. Use a three-ring binder to keep all of the warranties in a convenient location. I would use plastic sleeves to house each warranty separate with the bill attached and any other documents pertaining to the warranty. Organize the warranties in alphabetical order. Be sure to throw out expired warranties.


Organizing papers

3) School Artwork Binder for Organizing Papers

Artwork and A+ papers are constantly plastered across my fridge. Use a three-ring binder to keep the best of the best of the fridge artwork for you and your child to peruse later on in life. Organize by year, month, or grade. Be sure to have a school artwork binder for each child.


4) Doctor’s Binder

Doctor and dentist literature needs to be organized in a three-ring binder. Place doctor requests, suggestions, lab reports, and much more in the binder. The next time you have a query about medication, it will be at your fingertips. Organize the binder based on subjects, such as; bills, specialists, and lab reports.


5) Recipe Binders

Flipping through a magazine or newspaper and you find a great recipe for chicken quesadillas. Instead of keeping the entire magazine, clip the recipe and place it in a plastic sleeve and store it in a binder. Organize alphabetically or by the type of food. For example, one section is entrees, and another is snacks. As well, cut out the photo of the meal to store in the binder, as the picture will make you want to create a special meal.


6) Events Binders

Birthday parties, weddings, sporting events are just a few functions we attend each year. Organize the binder by month and place it in numerical order. This is a great resource for doing your monthly planner; all of the events are neatly organized for easy reference. As well, you are less likely to lose directions to your cousin’s wedding or forget your grandma’s birthday party.


7) Organizing Papers in Emergency Binders

We have no idea what tomorrow brings, and it is important to have all your documents in order. In the emergency binders, place all important phone numbers, monthly bills with phone numbers to the company, banking information, renting or mortgage responsibility, work numbers, and any information that is used on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Organizing papers is much simpler than it sounds- how do you go about organizing papers and are you going to make any changes?


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