Outdoor frugal fun and fitness

The school summer holidays will soon be upon us and I can’t wait. I have so many plans for activities with the kids. My ideas will probably be met with enthusiasm from the littlest and protests he would rather be staring at  screens from my eldest.

Well tough we are getting out and about, there are ADVENTURES TO BE HAD.

I am a big believer in getting children outdoors (well adults too for that matter) fresh air and exercise..make them happy, wear them out and keep them fit. It is also the best free play resource ever.

There are streams to paddle in, hills to climb, parks to play on, bike rides to go on, riverbanks to explore. There are streets to scooter down, lidos to splash in and meadows to find fallen flowers.  There are trees to reach the top of , races to be had, and there are forest and woods to see nature at play. There are kites to fly, balls to throw and there is skipping to be done.

So much to do and so good for everyone to be getting outdoor exercise ..check out these findings!

HFE infographic 2

Infographic source  . www.hfe.co.uk

I am really surprised swimming was the most popular sport overall I would have plumped for football! Maybe that’s because it is currently completely dominating out lives! ) and yes just 5 minutes park exercise can affect your mental health positively. Wow! Well worth a trip[ to the park!

Frugal and fun.



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