Outdoor living tips: inexpensive ways to update your home exterior this year

In this article, we will explore cost-saving ways you can update your home exterior. Your outdoor appearance has a big impact on its value. The home’s exterior has to fit its aesthetic design, look attractive when looked at from the street, and safeguard your home from moisture and weather elements.

For many homeowners, it has to be long-lasting and environmentally friendly as well.

The tips in this article will show you how to spruce up your home exterior without breaking the bank.

Let’s get started:


inexpensive ways to update your home exterior


Paint your door

A simple and cost-saving way to improve your home’s exterior is to give your door a new lick of paint. Ensure you opt for a soft tone that fits with your home’s decorative elements, or add a stunning colour to your door with a vibrant hue. This cost-saving project can be carried out in a short time to add beauty to your outdoors.


Add light to pathways.

Curb appeal doesn’t have to stop at night time. Illuminate flowers, walkways and foliage with outdoor lighting. This has safety benefits and creates gorgeous effects and appeal in the evening. Additionally, solar lighting can assist in cutting energy costs and embracing environmental sustainability.


Use rugs to enhance curb appeal.

To set up a cosy outdoor space, you will need an outdoor rug. It also adds relaxation to your patio, veranda, yard or deck. Your visitors will be sure to stick around more. You can offer sumptuous drinks at a nearby table, and your visitors have no desire to leave.


Add potted plants

With potted plants, you can boost the appeal of your home exterior without spending much. Add some carefully-selected brightly coloured flowers to your front yard to transform your home’s entrance into a beautiful point of focus. You can combine different container sizes and plants and place them at various levels.


inexpensive ways to update your home exterior this year


Decorate with Colourful Furniture

Add vibrancy and charm to your home’s exterior with colourful outdoor furnishings. A smart way to discover a colour scheme that complements your home is to utilise a colour wheel. For instance, orange will nicely blend with a blue backdrop. Decorating your yard with beautiful patio furniture is a simple way to improve aesthetic appeal without the high cost.


Install composite decking

Update the appearance of your home’s exterior and boost its functionality by installing composite decking. It is a low-maintenance alternative to concrete paver and timber decking, saving you costs in the long run. This is an easy way to update your front entry, yard and garden.


Plant Trees

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market soon, a great way to boost its resale value is by cultivating attractive trees. If you decide to remain for longer, think extensively and grow walnuts, willows, honey locusts or any big and sturdy species available in your locality. You can also opt for fast-growing ornamental trees like the redbud, flowering pear, river birch or pagoda dogwood; these will look spectacular and won’t need years to grow.


Improve the curb appeal of the window

You can improve the appearance of your window with some cost-saving ideas. To spruce up a drab window, consider adding house shutters or repainting the frame in a trendy colour to create a fun contrast.

You can also liven up your home’s exterior by adding a planter with greenery on your window.


Install a prefabricated trellis

 To update your home exterior on a budget, you can add a trellis to give your yard character and enhance your flowers and garden. To save more money, you can set up a DIY trellis. Then train the plant to climb up the trellis for a beautiful living wall space.


Add Curb Appeal with Landscaping

Create a seamless street-front porch connection with some budget-friendly landscaping. A simple, arched path guides guests to the home’s entry point and is esthetically pleasing. Along the pathway, grow medium-sized hedges and flowers. This will create curb appeal because passersby will appreciate the group of plants rather than single flowers.


Hang a Wreath

A wreath is an easy way to decorate your entry point. It can be placed on your front door or next to it. You can easily create one from cedar boards or chicken netting.



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