Packing tips for family holidays to sunnier climes!

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Packing tips

Grab your flip flops, shades and a good book — it’s time to find some winter sun! Or, if you’re heading abroad with the kiddos, bring the sunscreen, goggles, flippers, sandals and stroller. And did I mention car seats? Packing for the whole family can be a real challenge, especially with today’s restrictions on flight luggage. Here are some tips on what you’ll really need on a winter break to sunnier climes and remember — less is more (less stuff to haul through airport security and more time to relax with a pre-flight coffee!):

All important travel documents

Before you start digging through the piles of laundry, put everyone’s passports in your personal carry-on bag. Keep them all together and easily accessible — in their own little bag if possible — so you’re ready to go at the airport.

Kids’ clothes packing tips

For the kids, one swimsuit, three pairs of shorts and three t-shirts should do it. Include a couple of jumpers, as nights are definitely getting cooler this time of year and if one gets dirty, simply wash it in the sink and hang over a deck chair the next day to dry. Velcro sandals are great for slipping on and off and take a pair of trainers for if the sun disappears for a while.

Toys & entertainment

For the most part, you should just need toys from home for the journey on the plane and to the resort. Once you get there, the kids will be too excited about hitting the beach and jumping in the pool to notice their toys from home. Make sure what you do end up bringing is long-lasting (books, tablet, crayons and paper etc.), so the plane ride doesn’t involve you constantly digging through your bag for something new.

Protective products

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Just because the sun is hiding from us here doesn’t mean it won’t be glaring onto your destination. Yes, the resort will sell some but who wants to waste time (and money) buying it there? Bring at least one tube of sunscreen and bottle of after-sun with you so you and the family can soak up the sun as soon as you arrive. It wouldn’t hurt to put in a small bottle of aloe either!

The ‘what ifs’ of packing tips

Finally, no one expects to get sick on a holiday but unfortunately it can happen. Be sure to pack a small bottle of kids paracetamol as well as some pain relief tablets for the adults. It wouldn’t be the first time mum or dad got a headache on holiday!

So, gather these essentials and start getting excited. Not only are you heading on a fun-filled family holiday away from the chill but you’ll be so glad that you’re not the parents who are dragging huge luggage bags around with them.

Bio: Sophie Smith is a part time baker and full time mum! She loves baking at home with her two beautiful daughters and is inspired by European cakes (and holidays!)

Image by Vastateparksstaff, used under the Creative Commons license.


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