Have you heard of Payleven?

Payleven is a mobile payments company, based in the UK and backed up by premium customer support, which they claim is the best in the business.

They offer a cheaper and easier alternative then accepting card payments and could be really helpful to any small business.

It has no fixed cost or contractual lock  in and it has pay as you go pricing so you really can save money.

It is really easy to set up too.





There are several ways in which Payleven can work.

You can accept card payments when your customer is not present with a virtual terminal feature and you can also choose one of their card readers and take payments with your smartphone or tablet. How clever is that!

This flexibility can really increase your payment options and consequently have a positive impact on sales.



Pricing is flexible and the more you use Payleven the less you actually pay, it can be as low as 1.50% per transaction.



I have often wanted to buy something from a stall at a craft fair or from a small business that tell me they don’t take cards. This can be frustrating and actually prevent the sale taking place. If only they had a simple card reader or a way of taking my card payment.  This is a really simple, straightforward and low cost way to really help a business expand and become much more accessible to it’s customers.


A case study

Here’s  an example of how Payleven has really helped develop a business..

Co-LAB is an art, clothing, gifts and record store. They currently work with over 100 independent local artists, designers and companies.The Payleven chip and PIN card machine has greatly helped Co-LAB  develop.  It allows them to now accept card sales where they previously would have had to turn them away.

“in the past, we had to explain that we only took cash and direct them to the nearest cash point, which was awkward – things run a lot smoother now. It is a very handy app and generates a lot of interest from customers as we use it.

These days few people carry cash and even less seem to have cheque books so having card taking facilities is vital. This is a wonderful resource for a developing business.


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