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Everyone wants a job that they enjoy. If you are particularly creative, then sitting in an office all day going through business figures probably doesn’t give you the satisfaction that you’re after from a career. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that a lot of the most famous artists in the world didn’t become famous until after their death, so if you’re hoping to make money from paintings, you might not be in luck. However, there are lots of other careers and jobs that allow you to express your creativity and still give you a decent amount of money. Here is a selection of them for you to consider for your next job or career.


Perfect Careers For Creative Folks



A photographer takes pictures of places, people, objects, and events. There are lots of different types of photography, and each type has a purpose, whether it is to tell a story or record information. Most photographers are freelancers who own a business of their own, meaning that they have to purchase their own equipment, handle their own tax, and find clients and jobs. Luckily, this gives you some freedom to work the days hours that you choose, and to complete the jobs that you choose.



A videographer is like a photographer, but with videos instead of pictures.The types of filming that you will complete will depend solely on your job position and your employer. You could be asked to film a wedding video, in which case you might work with a photographer to capture the entire wedding. You could also film segments for the news, document training procedures for companies, or even film movies.




If your creativity is more word based, then copywriting may be the job for you. As a copywriter, you work freelance, as an independent contractor, either through a recruitment agency or on your own. If you work through a recruitment agency, you will be sent work on the days that you choose, and will have to complete this work for payment, either by day, by hour, or by project. You will often work from home, which has its own advantages and disadvantages, and will often be able to work whatever hours you wish.


Interior Designer

Interior design is a highly sought after career, but that’s likely because people misconceive it to be an easy career. Although it’s often believed that interior designers just decorate a home how they would like, it’s not as simple as that; They have to understand and fulfil the needs of their clients, all within a specific budget and time frame. They also have to work with a range of different people, such as electricians, painters, and furniture manufacturers to ensure that everything from the shower trays to the curtains is absolutely perfect for their clients.



Blogging is very easy to get into but requires a lot of work to get the visitors needed to make a decent amount of money every month. Luckily, you can write about whatever interests you, such as travel, being a parent, fitness, or beauty, so the work might not even feel like work. There are so many different types of blogs, so you need to stand out amongst the crowd. The best way to do this is to have a well-designed blog and regular posts that are of a high standard. Utilize social media to promote your blog posts, and ask family and friends to share your posts, to get you more attention.



A vlogger is like a blogger, but instead of posting on a blog, you would record videos of yourself and post them on Youtube. Often, vloggers start posting Youtube videos after they’ve been writing posts for a while and wanted to try something different, but this isn’t always the case. Even though you’re filming videos, don’t think that you have to buy a ridiculously expensive camera to get you started; Your content is the most important thing, so plan your videos and make them great.


Fashion Designer

Fashion design is a great way to combine creativity and art with function and practicality. As a fashion designer, you would be involved in the making of a garment from the first sketches to the final product. However, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before the garment is completed. You need to do lots of research on current trends to ensure that you design something that is going to sell. Unfortunately, unlike a lot of these creative jobs, fashion design is something that you’re going to need a lot of experience in, as well as a degree. You will also need a great portfolio to have a chance at getting a good job placement.



Industrial Designer

A designer doesn’t have to be all about colours, patterns, and fabrics; After all, everything needs to be designed by someone, even things like buildings, televisions, toasters, toys, and cars. As an industrial engineer, you would work within a specific industry. For example, if you wanted to design buildings, then you work as an architect. You would have to design your project so that it fulfils specific requirements set by your clients, including cost, and also looks aesthetically pleasing. Like with fashion design, you will need a degree and a tip-top portfolio to get a job in industrial design.


Art Director

You need to have a great eye for art as an art director, even if you’re not necessarily creating it yourself. You will have to pick out great pieces of art and present it effectively for your purpose. As an art director, you can work in movies, publishing, and advertising, so the work is incredibly diverse. It is a highly creative role, but you will also need to be a good business person, and will also have to deal with clients, and work with many different departments on your projects. You’ll need a lot of experience and an art based degree to climb the career ladder as an art director.


Creativity doesn’t have to die when you become old enough to need a job. There are plenty of creativity based jobs and careers out there, so don’t settle for a job that doesn’t satisfy you.



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