My Perfect Coffee Moment

Perfect coffee

I am a long time coffee drinker and I do like ‘good’ coffee. It is one of life’s absolute pleasures for me.

I like to drink coffee after a good meal, outside a café in the sunshine, with friends, with a great book and certainly with some chocolate!

Oh I do love coffee and almost every early morning coffee tastes like the perfect coffee to me. It is a real pleasure to make a steaming cup of coffee first thing in the morning

But if I had to describe my perfect coffee moment?

My perfect coffee moment would always be early morning before the children have stirred, before the postman knocks and before my husband arises. It would probably be around 6am. The sun would be coming up and the air would be beginning to warm as I carry my perfect coffee out into the garden .

The garden will be full of vivid. various, colourful flowers and their scent would be carried to me on a light breeze and it would mingle with the lovely aroma of my coffee.


Bird’s would be singing to each other quietly in the trees and next door’s cat would be lazily curled up on our patio. I would have a lovely plan for the day ahead involving time to write, see friends and do something fun and creative with the kids.

I would sit in my serene surroundings, musing on the day ahead drinking my strong, black, full flavoured coffee that wakes me up, tastes delicious and smells exquisite.



I would of course use my very handy (and much loved) Nespresso machine to make it. The coffee would be excellent quality and I would have enough for two cups!

I do like Caffe Cagliari coffee.

Have you tried it yet?

Caffe Cagliari is a 100 year old Italian family company who now make Nespresso compatible coffee capsules 

Their coffee is exquisite and comes from a long family tradition of coffee making. Quality coffee that has been made in the Cagliari family for four generations.

Just right for my perfect coffee moment don’t you think?

You can buy Caffe Cagliari online.


P.s Have a little look her to follow the journey of a coffee bean



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