Persil Powergems Review

Not a fan of doing the laundry!

I do all the laundry in my home (boo!)  and I like it to run like clockwork. I am not a fan of housework so speed and efficiency are what I need in any products I use.

I put on a load first thing in the morning and another load around lunchtime  and I usually wash every second day.

I get really annoyed when I do the laundry and clothes haven’t come clean and need redoing, it feels such a complete waste of both effort, money and energy. Because I m the one responsible and putting in the work  I do really care about the product I use and I always buy good quality washing tabs.

I was excited to hear about Persil laundry crystals, a brand new product on the market and just launched. Persil Powergems are said to offer a ‘unique and revolutionary laundry experience’ – big aims! I was excited to get a chance to put it the test.

persil powergems


How Persil Powergems are different

A whopping 10 years of research have gone into developing these crystals and it is considered ‘game changing’  It is able to provide increased stain removal power as it has over 2/2 times more cleaning agents for oil and grease based stains. It leaves NO residue on clothes so will enable them to look brighter and be better cared for, it also contains a fragrance release technology which allows the fragrance to stay on fabric longer and come out in burst was you move!

10 years of research is a lot of research, so I had high hopes!


persil powergems review

How to use

You simply put your crystals in the lid container and then pop the whole thing in the drum. It comes in Non Bio and Bio in 12, 19 and 30 wash packs. It’s really fuss free to use and clean.


The results

Persil powergems definitely cleaned my wash better and the stains came out first time, even a spaghetti sauce stain that I have not been able to shift. The fragrance was really clean and fresh and stayed on our clothes for days. I really like this product, I like how clean and easy to use it is and I would definitely buy it in future.

A big thumbs up here!


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  1. July 18, 2017 / 01:49

    I’m really not keen on doing the laundry. I keep hoping cleaning fairies will come and pick up all the smelly clothes from my bathroom, but they don’t. We also tried Persil Powergems this weekend and love it!

  2. Gillian Harlen
    September 13, 2017 / 09:08

    I loved the free sample so bought the bottle. Unfortunately you need a grip of iron to open the inner white cap. Even my super-athletic, young cleaning lady could not get that lid off. I shall wait for my son to visit, if he cannot open it I ill have to either donate it to Superman or bin it. An expensive lesson!

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