How to pick the perfect sofa

how to pick the perfect sofa

I have to be honest and admit that in the past I have been a  pretty boring sofa person. Well no perhaps boring ins not the right world. Our sofas are always bright red  and that is not a boring colour. They are nearly always squishy comfortable and modern too. The problem is every single sofa I have ever had has been replaced by one almost exactly the same. In fact to be honest I don’t think I have ever actually owned a sofa in all my adult life that was not red.

Boring right? Where is my sense of sofa adventure.

I know what I like you see and I am not big on change . I am not  a fan of patterns either and I like bright primary colours.

But really enough is enough. The red sofas need replacing and I  need to look a little further afield.

So what makes the perfect sofa?

Fabric Sofas

I think the perfect sofa needs to have these 5 things going for it

1) It needs to be really really comfy… after all you will sit on it, lie on it, and relax on it.

2) It needs to look lovely…it will be in a room you use a lot and you will see it almost every day so you have to really love how it looks

3) You need to be able to keep it clean – I have kids..they like chocolate and painting.

4) It needs to be robust, as I said…. I have kids, they like to jump about too!

5) It has to be the right size – it’s got be big enough to get a few of you comfortable seated but not so big it completely overpowers the room

So I have my absolutes and my criteria for the perfect sofa. But ah! what colour, what fabric? Red does still look very appealing……

All the gorgeous sofas featured are from sofa specialists Newman and Bright





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