Ten Tips to Create the Perfect Playroom On a Budget

Today – Perfect Playroom on a budget

If you have enough space to get the kids their well deserved playroom, you can encourage play and independence by creating a safe and inspirational space. Getting home from work after a long day and having to put up with the mess they make in the living room in just a few minutes can be frustrating. If you put your DIY skills to good use, however, you can get them to play in their own den, and enjoy time off on their own or with friends. Before you get started, however, read the tips below to make the most out of your project.


Create the perfect playroom on a budget

Safe Flooring

perfect playroom on a budget

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You need to pay attention to the flooring of the playroom. It has to be easy to pick up things from, yet safe for the kids to practice their latest skills. You can get rubber flooring installed that protects your kids from injuries when they attempt their headstands or cartwheels, or a jigsaw floor to keep them active. Make sure you avoid fluffy carpet that is hard to clean and disinfect. All sorts of accidents can happen in a kids’ playroom.

Safety First

Make sure you don’t have any sharp edges on the furniture, and try to go for a soft angle design that keeps your kids safe. When there are half a dozen kids having a great time in the playroom, and it is raining outside, they are likely to run around, which means they will inevitably bump into corners and injure themselves. Get a furniture corner guard to avoid serious injuries, or choose built in shelving that doesn’t have sharp edges.

Custom Sofa and Seating Area

You might not want to get a huge sofa that takes up all the space in the kids’ playroom. Instead, get a modular seating unit or put your DIY skills in good use. You can pick up some quality Foam and sew different style covers to suit your kids’ mood or the future use of the room. You might even design your own furniture, and fold-out seats, pouffe, or armchairs, by buying cut-to-size foam and designing covers and throws for every occasion.

Decorations to Suit Your Taste

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You might opt for a simple wallpaper decoration, which is easy to change as your kids grow, or leave a more permanent mark on the wall by adding wall stencil or painting a jungle scene. If you are creative enough, you can get a template and create an inspiring wall that is full of your kids’ favourite animals, or paint the letters of the alphabet on the wall, so they can learn as they play. You can make your own curtains and paint the blinds, or get your kids to help you make special colourful lanterns that will enhance the appearance of the room. Create craft projects you can use as a decoration in the room, so it will be truly your kids’.


One of the reasons you wanted a playroom for your kids is to have some quiet time for yourself. Soundproofing should not be hard: you simply need to pick up some sheets and install them on the wall. Make sure that you are sealing all the gaps in the wall, and use a door that doesn’t make a loud bang every time your kids use it.

Build a Den in your perfect playroom on a budget

Kids love playing in dens and tents, and if you can give them some space to build one, as well as a few old mattresses, throws, and sheets, they will be hiding there for hours, while you can prepare your family dinner in peace. Indoor dens are safe and inspiring. You can set one up in the corner of the room, and equip your little ones with a torch, allowing them to play different pretend games and use their imagination.

Sound System

Chances are, as your kids grow, they will appreciate music more every day. To avoid having to listen to the soundtrack of the latest Disney movie a hundred times over the weekend, you can create a sound system that allows them to stream music on a TV or a Bluetooth device. Given that you have adequate soundproofing, you can avoid learning the lyrics of all the songs on the charts.

Get a Doorbell

To give your kids some space and independence, you might want to get a battery operated doorbell that you ring when you want to enter their domain. You can agree on different tunes for “dinner is ready” or “music is too loud”, so you don’t distract them in their important project, and you encourage independence.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting can be a great way of improving the look and feel of your kids’ playroom. You might install mood lights cheap, or get a lava lamp, a reflector light, or a colour changing lamp, so they will feel creative, special, and enjoy spending time in their domain. Avoid floor lamps, as they are easy to knock over. The best lighting will be safely installed on the walls or the ceiling, out of the way.

Flexible Shelving  

Kids love getting their hands dirty and making things, Let them use their creativity and provide them with plenty of supplies of paint, crayons, and craft packs. If you have a flexible modular shelving installed, you can use boxes to store each type of craft supply safely, making it easier for your kids to see what they can work with.


If you have an empty room in your house, or an unused conservatory, you can easily turn it into a beautiful playroom for your kids where they can enjoy some privacy and freedom after school, in rainy days. Having this room will make your life as a parent easier: you can make sure they are safe and out of trouble, so you can get on with housework and getting dinner ready, without having to pick up toys in the kitchen and living room 24/7. Get your kids’ playroom project off the ground, and you can enjoy some “me-time” and keep your children safe in the weekend and on long winter nights.


playroom on a budget


I hope you have enoyed my post on how to create the perfect playroom on a budget.

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  1. May 9, 2018 / 02:53

    Great post I recently asked my wife to create a playroom for our kids and the fact that you mentioned soundproofing it makes your content even more amazing. To be honest, kids can make a lot of noise and if I am working i wouldn’t want that. Great Post

  2. May 9, 2018 / 02:55

    I forgot to add that I also soundproofed my home office and found weatherstripping to be incredible for closing the door gaps

  3. July 9, 2018 / 01:25

    This is so inspiring! You can still make things happen even with budget. I love the playroom and I agree about investing in a great sound system.

  4. December 27, 2018 / 02:03

    Thanks for this amazing post! My wife and I are currently in discussion about creating a playroom for our kids and we will certainly follow these tips. Thanks

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