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Despite not being much of a domestic goddess one of my pet hates in the kitchen is dirty dishcloths hanging about. So unhygienic and just icky. ..a breeding ground for germs.


Dirty dishcloths make me miserable, I feel bad throwing them away but can’t stand to keep them. They never properly come clean unless you wash them and yet I don’t like to put them in with our clothes and they often fall apart anyway when washed.We rarely wash up with them (we use the dishwasher) so we just use them to mop up  stains (we are forever spilling water, paint, milk you name it!)  so they get filthy really quickly.

I was sent some Plenty Easy Clean Wipes this week to review and oh they are just SO much better to use than dishcloths.  They are really effective and efficient to use. The wipes come with a brilliant dispenser that makes it really easy to just use one at a time so you minimise waste. They stay wet and they have a unique cloth like structure which enables them to keep their shape, which is a big improvement on wipes I have used in the past

The have a unique and rather attractive dispensing which system keeps the wipes moist for longer. Don’t you just hate it when you open a packet of wipes and they all dry out? These work real well. Refills are available when the dispenser runs out.


Isn’t it pretty ( a million times nicer than a mucky dishcloth.)

You can take a look at how they work here…

Plenty Easy Clean Wipes are available in three varieties:

Great for kitchen, floors, worktops & glass surfaces.

Plenty Easy Clean Wipes Anti-Bacterial kill 99.9% of bacteria**, leaving surfaces hygienically clean. Great for the kitchen, high chairs, bins and fridges. *

Plenty Easy Clean Wipes Bathroom help to prevent limescale build up when used regularly

The wipes can be purchased from Morrison’s, Asda and Waitrose. A starter kit with dispenser and 30 wipes are £2.99 rsp. and refill packs are also available at £1.99.

Such good value and so little waste mean these are great for a thrifty home that always wants to stay clean and smell fresh.

I am impressed


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