Pocket Money Profiles: Sonia Thorpe

Hello Sonia,

This mummy loves, pocket money

Do you give your child pocket money?


When did you start?  Did you and your partner agree on this?

We started giving Maisie pocket money a couple of months ago when she was about 5 and a half.

How much do you give?

£2.00 per week

Why do you give it?

Maisie seems to think that money grows on trees so by giving her pocket money it gives her a little bit of responsibility and a little insight into what being a grown-up will be like.

What does Maisie spend it on?

Comics or sweets

Do they save any?

£1.00 a week goes into her piggy bank for special occasions such as holidays, day trips etc.

Did you get pocket money?

No I didn’t, I asked for it often enough but I started a paper round aged 9 so I always had a bit of money :O)

Thank you Sonia ….

Sonia Blogs beautifully over at This Mummy Loves


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