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Post Baby Decluttering – where to start

Have you attemtped and post baby decluttering?

When you’ve had a baby, it’s tempting to get rid of some of the things you’ve accumulated – any parent will agree that, once kids come along, the amount of stuff you have around the house will multiply incredibly quickly and, before you know it, you will need to declutter in order to make room for the never-ending list of things kids need as they grow.

What you choose to keep hold of will depend on the type of person you are. Some parents will opt to save everything, just in case of another baby, while others will choose to get rid of everything and, should another baby come along in the future, they will just start from scratch. What you save can also depend on the space, and storage, that you have. If you have a loft, for example, you may be tempted to keep hold of more items because you can store everything out of sight.

From maternity wear to prams and Moses baskets, what should you keep hold of? There’s no right answer to this question – it’s all down to personal choice, available space and your future plans – but if you really need to declutter a little, this list may help.


Post Baby Decluttering – Maternity Clothes

It’s tempting to keep hold of maternity clothes. Many people are already reluctant to spend money on clothes that they’ll only wear for a few months, so having them stored away from past pregnancies will help to cut costs. However, fashions and your body shape can change, meaning that those clothes you saved from your first pregnancy ten years ago no longer appeal. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on maternity wear, with many high street and supermarket brands having maternity lines. You can find some great value maternity wear from ASDA George so, if you do need to make space, it won’t cost a fortune to stock up on more in the future.

mat wear
Baby Clothes

Many parents will choose to keep hold of baby clothes, on the off-chance of future babies of the same gender. After all, they’re only worn for a few months before they don’t fit anymore so, often, they’re in excellent condition and, in some cases, completely unworn! If you choose to keep hold of them, use vacuum packs to store them away. Alternatively, give them to friends or family members who may be expecting, donate them to charity or sell them online to make some cash to go towards re-stocking your growing baby’s wardrobe.

If you do opt to get rid of the baby clothes, make sure you keep some of your favourite pieces to look back on. You can’t beat that tiny first babygrow for cute-factor.

Post Baby Decluttering -Furniture

Flat pack furniture, such as the cot and changing table, can easily be unassembled when no longer being used. If you have somewhere to store them, and are planning future children, then keep these expensive to replace items.
However, it’s recommended that you replace the cot mattress every time a new child comes along, so there’s little point hanging on to that.

Prams & Car Seats

These can be incredibly cumbersome items so it’s understandable that you’ll want to get rid of them if you need to make some space for buggies, booster seats, ride-on toys, scooter and bikes. However, they are also some of the most expensive things that parents will invest in, so, if you are planning on more children, it may be worth making room in the garage – or an understanding grandparent’s garage. If you really don’t have the space to store, sell them on to recoup some of your investment.

If you have a loft, garage or basement, it will be tempting to keep hold of everything, ‘just in case’. However, we’re not all lucky enough to have these spaces, and decluttering will undoubtedly be inevitable at some point as your family grows. As long as you won’t regret getting rid of things in the future, then make space for today!

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