In praise of the plastic box

I live a pretty chaotic life.

 Both I and my husband work from home. I review items as part of my job. My husband sometimes fixes computers. Our kids have loads of hobbies. Our house is not so big. Can you imagine how much stuff we are trying to cram into a small space?

Storage is vital for my sanity. Lots of it, robust, quality storage that will separate and store so I can easily locate things.

I have learned the need for this form bitter experience, not being able to locate a tennis racket, play dough, the spare toilet roll!!!

Plastic boxes are incredibly useful. I use them throughout our home.

In the kitchen I have a plastic box to keep spices in and one for all my sweet food bits and bobs. I also have a plastic box for cake cutters to stop them jumbling up too. Plastic means they can easily be wiped if there are any spills.


 Screw Top Saver Box - Set of 3

In the conservatory I have jumbo plastic boxes for crafts and the kids toys, these are bright and colourful and keeps their things separate and organised so they can be easily fond. 

Plastic boxes abound under my bed carrying spare toiletries, shoes I wear juts now and again, belts and winter hats and gloves. These need to be out of site but accessible so plastic boxes with lids that fir under a bed are ideal.

Up in the loft we have many plastic storage boxes carrying old photo albums, clothes for next season old school work, treasured memories of our wedding and the past. Things that we want taking care of but that we look at just occasionally. In the shed we have plastic boxes holding tools, ones holding all our footballs and tennis balls, ones filled with car washing kit.

What an  absolute pickle we would be in without plastic boxes. It may be just an ordinary thing but how useful and important is the humble plastic box.



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