Pre school crafting with your little ones

Children in the UK are becoming addicted to their iPads. A report in The Daily Mail reveals that ‘one in three children use iPads before they can talk.’ Concerned? In that case, a digital detox is required and playing with your child might be a solution.

How to start crafting
If you don’t want your child to remain seated in front of the computer or TV throughout their vital developmental years, then you could always introduce them to the concept of creativity. It’s one thing to create an image on a computer, but it’s entirely more satisfying to encourage your child to make an object in the real world. Children need to get messy, exploit their talents, and indulge their imaginations. For example, if you invest in some acrylic paint by you’ll be giving your pre-school child hours of fun and also distracting them from digital forms of entertainment.

You don’t have to be Picasso to paint
Your child might not be gifted as an artist but that’s no reason not to encourage their self-expression. This process doesn’t have to cost the earth. Acrylics are easy to apply, and you could start off by giving your child an old cardboard box and suggesting that they convert this into a spaceship, a house or anything else that takes their fancy. As a precaution place some newspaper or discarded bed linen over the floor for protection.

Dressing up is fun
Children of all ages love dressing up. If you don’t have sufficient old clothes at home, then your local charity shop is an excellent source of potential costumes. Get some glue and sparkles as well as paint. Once you’ve helped your toddler adapt the clothes to a manageable size, then suggest that they create costumes from their favourite children’s stories. You could always invite a few friends around and host a mini-fashion show. It’s amazing how some paint; glue and other craft essentials will transform a mundane frock into a dynamic pirate’s costume. You’ll also be showing your child that they can create an object from their own imagination and don’t have to rely on an electronic gadget for entertainment.

You can help your kids create jewellery
Long hot summers can produce the endless cries of ‘Mum, I’m bored.’ Take your crafting ideas outside and show your kids how they can help you make some jewellery. It’s great working in your garden because it won’t matter if the area becomes messy. With any luck the rain can wash any surplus paint away. The Daily Telegraph has some great ideas for outside activities. Make some jewellery from tape duct, flowers, ribbon and sticky backed plastic. Your pre-school child will need help with this activity, but they should enjoy the process of collecting flowers and leaves for their new beauty accessory.

Play has some serious benefits

If you are able to spend some time in creative activities with your pre-school child you’ll be helping he or she to use their imagination, extend their vocabulary and also improve confidence. Using an iPad may be an easier option but you’ll be helping your child’s development far more if you can spend some quality time crafting together.






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